NOTICE: from Freedom Rider


As all followers of this blog know I often post information from the Alex Jones Channel because there is much documented material there that is totally censored by the MSM Fake News cartels.

Right now Alex’s channel is being interfered with at all levels… I was aware of this at 3:00 AM CST. This began when President Trump ordered FULL RELEASE of ALL JFK files and as the MSM ignored this data dump and the information was being released by the Alex Jones Channel at InfoWars:

There’s A War On For Your Minds. @ Click on it…

More information from InfoWars will be posted as soon as I am able to access and format the articles therein.

God Bless you All and MOLAN LABE!

Freedom Rider

One response to “NOTICE: from Freedom Rider

  1. Thank you FR!!! I will put off my truth junkie tantrum and look for further news. I wish you much success.

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