FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Sandy Hook Investigation Docs

FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Sandy Hook Investigation Docs

In many cases entire pages redacted…

2 responses to “FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Sandy Hook Investigation Docs

  1. Question: Has anything been done to help children like Adam Lanza, who have been diagnosed with Autism, Ashberger’s or any of the other mental issues that seem to be plaguing our children? Or is help only reserved for the so-called poor, welfare recipients of color? Since Adam and so many others are from middle class families, mainly white, I am sure help is not available. Not only is help NOT available it is all being attributed to crazy white kids who need locked up.

    Now to the victims of Sandy Hook. Have the false flag theories stopped or are they still alive and well with all of it being a hoax? As one parent said, when asked about the fact that there are those who say no one was killed at Sandy Hook, “What do these people think, that I keep my child in a closest only to bring them out on rare occasions? Believe me if my child was alive I would NOT hide them in a closet, I would be singing from the rooftops instead of grieving!” Those who have lost a child know what grieve is. Those who have not have the liberty of saying anything because they do not have a clue. Now we have Las Vegas to add to the mass shooting mix. Waiting for someone to come out with the mantra that no one was killed in Las Vegas!!!! Do I think there are cover ups? Yes I do. But when people are killed they are dead and saying they are not is just being mean, truly mean!!


  2. False flags take all types of forms, and yes Sandy Hook has huge inconsistencies if anyone took the time to investigate the information out there.
    Adam Lanza was able to carry this mass shooting out weighing 85-90 pds -carrying heavy weapons-shooting without ear protection inside and managed to hit all his targets within a few minutes is a bit of a stretch.
    I find it hard to believe an autistic kid who played video games all day in his room could carry this out-but stranger things have happened.
    Some of the forms of false flags carried out can have a mix of dead, injured and crisis actors. Just bc people are dead doesn’t preclude a false flag event.
    We are clueless and are only told what they want us to know or believe. Heavily redacted forms like the above are curious to say the least. Why is my question. What don’t they want us to see or know?
    Watch the “grieving Sandy Hook parents” interviews afterwards, analyze them. They are completely unbelievable. I’ve had more emotional grief when my cat died. I was inconsolable – these parents & relatives (those we saw) trotted out for our viewing pleasure to give us all a gun control speech are not. Just my opinion…
    See Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio. JFK is another one.


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