Happy Halloween? – HALLOWEEN and this year’s THEME of DARKNESS

3 responses to “Happy Halloween? – HALLOWEEN and this year’s THEME of DARKNESS

  1. I’ve been out of the US for 8 years and it’s so nice not to have to deal with this holiday any more. Yes, I admit to having enjoyed it when young, and when my kids were young, but that stopped after I read the Bible. And also, we lived in a small Christian town, so things were much different then .And even then, I went along with my kids when trick or treating. Once involved in a believing community, we parents decided to have autumn parties-carnivals to replace the trick or treating.

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  2. williamjamesward

    Darkness is on the rise everywhere and what was just a fun time
    for kids is being used to draw in people towards demonic cults.
    Satanists openly ply their ideas and hate for God and thus
    identify themselves for the rot that have become. It is time to
    watch children carefully and explain that even harmless fun can
    be turned into something ugly. Playing dress up should not be
    taken away from children but it is the parents job to pick the
    time, place and venue……………….William

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    • Even in the ’50s when I was a boy and lived in a neighborhood… that is a NEIGHBOR-hood where everyone knew everyone my Dad or Mom walked with my sister and me and watched as we went up to every door. There has always been the evil that has become so apparent in the last 3 decades but it was not like now. I am fully aware that the Great Falling Away has been ongoing for many years now. This has been foretold as a necessary event before the Restrainer should be removed and That Man Of Sin revealed…
      Things are moving swiftly now and I only expect acceleration as the time grows short. Hold fast to the Faith of Our Fathers and pray unceasingly Brother William. May God Bless and Keep you and yours.


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