If you hate your money, this new arthritis drug is for you!

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* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 10/21/2017

Well, friends, it’s here. There’s a new arthritis drug on the market.

It’s not an opioid. It’s not addictive. The researchers claim there’s almost no risk of side effects. And you only need it once every few months.

But don’t sign up for this one just yet.

The drug might make your knee pain fade, if only just a little… but you’ll get weak in the knees when you see the price.

The new drug, delivered by injection every three months, costs $500 a shot!

That’s about $2,000 a year for four quick treatments.

Since it’s a new drug, many insurers won’t cover it yet — so, if you want even a little taste of what it has to offer, you’re going to have to drain your bank account.

It’s essentially a corticosteroid, a type of drug that tends to be bad news for folks with diabetes because it rapidly sweeps into the blood and causes sugar levels to rocket.

But this one has been tweaked.

It’s a reformulation that moves more slowly into the blood, so there’s no sugar spike. In theory, that makes it safe for folks who need to watch out for that.

The Pharma bros are crowing as if they’ve just sliced bread for the first time.

Me? I can’t help but notice they haven’t made a peep about the OTHER well-known risks of corticosteroids, including everything from cataracts to thinning bone.

These are problems that pop up only after long-term use — and the studies used to get this new version approved didn’t run anywhere NEAR long enough to nail down those risks.

I’m guessing they’re in no hurry to find out, either!

But at the end of the day, the biggest flaw with the new drug isn’t the price or even the long-term risks.

It’s that it attacks the wrong problem.

It goes after inflammation… and since that’s a direct cause of pain, of course you want to bring it down.

So… what’s my gripe here?

The thousands of dollars you’ll fork over will do nothing about the CAUSE of that inflammation — and that’s the fact that the inside of your knee is falling apart faster than the NFL’s TV ratings.

Anti-inflammatory drugs won’t slow that damage down.

But OTHER treatments will, including a potent joint builder called UC-II collagen that’s so effective for arthritis patients that it’s gone head-to-head against glucosamine and chondroitin in studies and flat-out won by just about every measure you care about.

Look for a quality formula from a maker you trust. Even the best stuff is available for a small fraction of the price of this new drug.

Rockin’ the joint,
Jack Harrison

4 responses to “If you hate your money, this new arthritis drug is for you!

  1. williamjamesward

    Arthritic pain and pain from inflammation with varying causes
    bedevil millions of people of all ages. Poisons in our food and
    water with junk food diets are probably the main culprits.
    Fasting, purified water, guarding the diet to avoid GMO foods,
    Organic meats and a simplified life help greatly. The diet
    changes the game but some supplements are very good.
    For years I took MSM and had no pain but the company
    that made the wonderful addition to my health went under
    without any fanfare. Other MSM suppliers for whatever
    reason did not help as well at all (rats). I will look forward
    to try UC-II and hope, pain is a pain………………William

    Liked by 2 people

    • William, I’ve had great luck with the colloidal silver, had a sty in my eye and it helped a lot. Also for inflammation I take three capsules of apple pectin a day, one curcumin capsule, and one triple magnesium, and it keeps the inflammation down. There are other things, but I’m allergic to some. The apple pectin capsules took my inflammation sed rate from a high of 8 down to a normal of 2 in six mos. My doc was thrilled. You should talk to my friend AJ in Vegas. She and her family own a fab health store that has some of the very best vitamins/minerals/supplements you can buy for reasonable prices.

      She has macular degeneration in one eye and did the research on it. They were sending her for a shot in her eye every mo., but she found that taking 4 threads of saffron a day keeps the mac. degen. from getting progressively worse. She didn’t have to have a shot for 16 weeks, and then just had one because she thought she should. So, I bought a year’s worth from her as a preventative and I take 4 threads of it a day. If you want her contact, I’ll send to you via email.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. williamjamesward

    I have been taking Lutein for years and other eye aids that are
    not expensive but getting to the point my macula is clear and
    according to my eye Doctor “clear as a teenager”. I hope to
    get the same news next visit but as a diabetic anything can
    go down hill, I keep up with supplementation. If your friend has
    a web page please send it on…………Thank You………..William


    • It’s A.J. in Las Vegas, and she and family own health food store. It cost me 63.00 for a year’s worth of saffron, which I didn’t think was bad. I’ll forward you her email and let her know I know you William. You can correspond with her then. She’s a great gal, does a lot of investigation and they know good stuff to buy, not just regular old garbage vitamins.

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