Exclusive: Trump to Release JFK Assassination Files

Exclusive: Trump to Release JFK Assassination Files

CIA documents may thoroughly debunk claim Oswald acted alone

One response to “Exclusive: Trump to Release JFK Assassination Files

  1. I well remember where I was when the assassination occurred. No, I was not a JFK supporter (Hell, I was only a teenager at the time). I considered him an East Coast snob (which he was, along with a worthless piece of shit) with at elitist attitude toward those of us in ‘fly over country’.
    My mother, on the other hand, was one of those who stayed glued to the TV all weekend, going through boxes of Kleenex, as though she had lost a member of the family (I thought she was just nuts. Thirty years later, she was a Clinton fan….. ah well, go figure…..).
    While the Warren Commission was busy covering up the facts, and ignoring actual witnesses, I became a sceptic. Still am. Don’t trust the government to tell the truth about a damned thing.
    So, if the facts are actually about to be made available, I think that’s a good thing. Was Jack Ruby involved? Probably. Was (actor) Woody Harrelson’s father the “tall hobo” photographed being walked into the Dallas police Hqs (but not booked) as a suspect? Who knows…..
    Did Oswald ‘act alone’…. or even, act at all? Doubtful.
    One question that will probably not be addressed: Where the Hell is JFK’s brain? Last anyone heard, Bobby Kennedy had it. Then it went missing. The most important piece of evidence in The Crime Of The Century, and it was mishandled. Of course, it was (from reports) hacked on pretty well during the half assed ‘autopsy’ at Bethesda (when it actually should have been performed in Dallas by a real, experienced coroner, by Texas law).
    Personally, I agree with the supposition that there were at least two (and possibly three) ‘shooters’ who got the Lincoln (which was, for some reason, immediately ‘sanitized’ after the assassination) in a very nice cross fire position.
    If you have never seen the Kevin Costner film, “JFK”, it addresses some of these issues (yes, I know it’s a “Hollywood Film”, but it’s still thought-provoking).
    Looking forward to seeing what is actually released.
    In the meantime, who do YOU think is actually responsible for it?
    (I think the Butler did it……or maybe, it’s George Bush’s fault)


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