New BP guidelines are a gift to Big Pharma

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 10/15/2017

Mainstream health authorities throw the word “evidence” around so much you’d think they were auditioning for a Perry Mason reboot.

But when it comes to recognizing ACTUAL evidence, these clowns are more on par with The Keystone Cops!

The latest bit of blundering — being cooked up RIGHT NOW — comes in the form of a new set of guidelines for blood pressure targets.

They’re not going to be announced, officially, until next month’s American Heart Association meeting in Anaheim.

But the inside word is that authorities have already signed and sealed the deal — and they’re going to push docs to aim for dramatically lower blood pressure levels across the board.

They’re taking the current 140/90 target — already impossible to meet for most older Americans — and tossing it right out the window.

Now, they want everyone to have a blood pressure level of 130/80. EVERYONE… even you!

If you’re a little older, you know what that means.

There’s not a chance in heck you can hit that mark on your own — because BP rises with age, and arteries naturally get a little stiffer.

All these guidelines will really do is guarantee a windfall for drug makers as older folks are practically forced to choke back one… two… maybe even three meds or more just to hit this paper target.

They claim that the infamous SPRINT trial shows that dropping those levels down will cut the risk of heart attack and stroke.

That might even be true.

But gobbling all those meds will increase OTHER risks, including some that can turn an aging senior’s life upside down.

These drugs can give you memory loss so severe that your own doc will think you’re slipping over the edge.

But the biggest risk is in something far more immediate and serious.

Drugs that drop blood pressure can also cause YOU to drop, increasing the risk of serious falls — including the kind that’ll split your head open or crack a bone, leading to an injury that’ll put you in a wheelchair, the old folks’ home, or even the morgue.

Let me give you the real deal on blood pressure: There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all formula. What you have to watch out for isn’t just rising a little above some ever-changing target… but BP levels that soar SUDDENLY for NO apparent reason and STAY high.

If that happens, you STILL won’t find the answer in mind-scrambling, dizzying BP meds.

It’s getting yourself hooked up with a doc who has the smarts to figure out WHY your blood pressure is on the rise… and then get to work on FIXING that cause.

I recommend an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

I’ll have a simpler, better, safer, and more delicious way to beat back heart risk coming up later today.

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Keeping up the pressure,
Jack Harrison

4 responses to “New BP guidelines are a gift to Big Pharma

  1. williamjamesward

    When I check my blood pressure I note that not relaxing for a minute
    before and a few deep breaths results in higher readings. Today
    I checked and miracle of miracles it was down from 210 over
    90 with heart beat at 91, it was 147 over 80 and after a few deep
    breaths went to 140 over 74, heart rate 54. I have considerable
    fluctuation in my readings and know I need to get back to
    vinegar, preferably apple cider vinegar aged in wood. It is a
    continuous battle but so it goes……………………..William

    Liked by 3 people

  2. oh yes, know it well, I can’t use any vinegar however because it eats the lining of my stomach

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was going to say that Meditation accompanied by deep breathing helps bring down BP, but William beat me to it! Truly though, meditation beats medication. I once had a high reading from my doc, and since he knows I don’t like pharmaceuticals, he told me mockingly to sit and meditate for a few minutes and the nurse would take my BP again. So I sat in hall outside his office and repeated to myself the 23rd psalm, the parts I could remember anyway. I practiced slow and deep breathing while doing this. And guess what – a few minutes later when the nurse took my BP, it was normal!!! If one exercises, it also helps. I don’t know anything about the vinegar though.

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