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Weinstein Company Imploding As Talent Agencies, Financiers Prepare to Abandon Ship

Weinstein Company Imploding As Talent Agencies, Financiers Prepare to Abandon Ship

Hollywood rocked as Weinstein brand goes up in flames

A new report details the turmoil rocking the entertainment industry as a result of the unfolding Weinstein scandal, which could radically alter the landscape in Hollywood and beyond.
One anonymous media executive likened the crisis to “a run on the banks,” explaining, “Banks aren’t going to continue to lend to them. You have agencies saying they will not allow talent to appear in their movies even if they re-brand. The equity is likely to get wiped out.”

“Agents did not want to be on record, but reactions ranged from not wanting to risk the wrath of clients in the event of more fallout by putting them into TWC projects, and others said that if there was evidence of Weinstein benefiting directly or indirectly in projects, the agencies wanted no part of it,” reports Deadline. “We have heard that some financiers are already poring over the list of plum projects they might pry loose. And agents are looking for outs for their clients on projects that are percolating.”
“One would have to harken back to Fatty Arbuckle to find as sudden and precipitous a fall in Hollywood as what is happening to Weinstein, and numerous agents and executives at studios believe it will be next to impossible to detoxify the remnants of a company that hasn’t even weathered the litigation that is expected to follow Weinstein’s exit from the company he formed with his brother and used as his platform for decades.”
A collapse of TWC could prove disastrous for Hollywood, as it would directly impact projects already in development, a variety of major investments, and even real estate, as TWC is an anchor tenant at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Center.
In an interesting twist, De Niro would not be the only virulently anti-Donald-Trumper directly affected, as TWC has been gearing up for the release of Farenheit 11/9 – a new film/leftist propaganda fest from Michael Moore about President Trump’s devastating election win.
Moore once called Harvey Weinstein “one of the best people to work with” in a 2015 Tweet that has aged very poorly.
Michael Moore

Actually Harvey Weinstein is one of the best people to work with in this town.

“When the primary asset of a company is one individual, they now have to prove they are a going concern,” said one investor. “That primary asset is now their primary liability.”

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Hollywood’s Implosion Was Inevitable

Hollywood’s Implosion Was Inevitable

Weinstein isn’t the only creep abusing power in the movie industry


Infowars predicted the fall of Hollywood and has covered the rampant sexual abuse in the elite, insider community for years. Trump is helping out the American people by allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines.



Jerome Corsi: Trump Neuters Obamacare

President ends Obama illegal diversion of funds from Fannie and Freddie to pay Obamacare insurance subsidies


Shocking TRUTH About Manipulation of America!

by Rev. Austin Miles
This should be considered required reading for ALL Americans. Have you ever heard about HAARP?  It is time you learned. A story broke on NewsWithViews by N.Y. Journalist Joan Swirsky that digs into every puzzling event that has shaped America with full documentation. How many have wondered secretly if the weather was somehow manipulated? Has anyone ever traced how far back murderous Muslims have been active? The way Communism came out in the open and began its takeover of the world is amazing to learn.
The story BEHIND Saul Alinsky the Communist rabble-rouser who sponsored and taught Obama is in this story.  You are about to learn all the things you wondered about but were afraid to ask for fear of being called a Conservative Conspiracy Nut. It’s all in this story, with PROOF.
Even though there were early attempts to make America something it was not created to be, President Franklin W. Roosevelt (FDR) was where it all officially began. Columbia University, now get this, considering how long it has been in existence, LOATHED CAPITALISM! Two Columbia Professors, Robert Cloward and his wife, Frances Fox Piven planned to destroy capitalism and {to] do so, stated, “The more chaos, the better.” And it should not be surprising that Ms. Piven today is the honorary Chairman of the Democratic Socialists (Communists) of America.
Some will be astonished that weather IS manipulated and is now used as a weapon. The manipulation of weather began many years ago. I remember as a young boy walking through the fields and would see a small building with a sign stating, “weather station.” It was to be realized that those were scattered throughout the U.S. They were weather control stations to experiment with the weather to achieve exactly the powerful weather destruction we are seeing today.
The recent weather activities, flooding, droughts, hurricanes that drowned Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands were man-made. It has been so perfected that now man can create the earthquakes and yes, the California Fires. Below you will see how they do this...with all documentation revealed so much so, it cannot be doubted.
There are the Chem trails, those white trails  being expelled from the back of every jet airliner flying across America. Now think about this. No private jets the same size of these airlines expel those white trailing gasses that follows every commercial government airline. It is known that the government has sprayed deadly gas from boats in San Francisco Bay to certain neighborhoods to determine how many people would get cancer and die….this is thoroughly documented, and yes, many families in the SF Area were infected by the cancer gas and died. Those Chem trails are basically doing the same thing.
Also, hopefully you know about Billionaire George Soros,  the most evil man IN THE WORLD. He virtually runs the United States, provokes and pays for Black Lives Matter protests, destruction and chaos. You will learn more frightening details about that Satan incarnate creature. And do you know that the NFL is very much linked to Soros? That explains the insults to the National Anthem and the Flag.
Oh yes, Both Republican, house speaker Paul Ryan and traitor John McCain are on his payroll. It is actually a genius pairing. Paul Ryan appears to sponsor a Republican bill, yep a real conservative; then John McCain votes against that bill and stops it. This is a modern version of good cop, bad cop. The big issue is that BOTH of these so-called republicans are in the paid pocket of the greatest enemy of not only America, but the world.
And there is so much more that one might think of just throwing up your hands and say, “what’s the use,” and give up. D O N ‘ T
Prepare yourselves, make sure you have the necessary security in your home, meaning arms, stand firm, and be ready to defend yourselves, your family, and America at a moments notice.  And back President Donald Trump in everything he does.  For any newspaper who writes against him, fire off letters to the editor–every Trump supporter. Respond to any so-called comedians who rip President Trump
I will die standing firm and fighting back rather than being killed while just sitting and watching.