New study finds fluoride lowers IQ in children

For even more information on how damaging Fluoride is to all of us, get the book, THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION!

Fellowship of the Minds

There are signs that Americans are getting more stupid. See:

Here’s one reason why: fluoride in our drinking water.

In the United States, fluoride is added to drinking water at levels of 0.7–1.2 mg/L to promote dental health by preventing cavities. Fluoride is also found in varying degrees in salt, milk, and dental products, while fluoride supplementation has been recommended to prevent bone fractures.

A recent study by a team of 15 scientists found that pre-natal (in the womb) exposure to…

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4 responses to “New study finds fluoride lowers IQ in children

  1. williamjamesward

    Clean clear water free of chemicals is ideal to drink, fluoride or chlorine
    in water is poison. Education in nutrition and healing is so lacking
    amongst other important subjects that it is part of the dumbing down
    of American students. Making our youth brain dead to a degree that
    makes them better herd cattle is the goal of the left………………William

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  2. If Fluoride is so safe then WHY is there a black box warning with the phone number to Poison Control on boxes of toothpaste? These company’s understand the LIABILITY of including fluoride in their product. Every water district should be required to include the number to their local Poison Control Center on every water bill they send out or get sued for failure to WARN users.

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