Bannon: ‘Impossible’ Trump Will Move on Gun Control – It “Will be the end of everything,”

Bannon: ‘Impossible’ Trump Will Move on Gun Control

“Will be the end of everything,” says former Trump chief strategist

An anonymous White House source speaking to Axios claimed the optics from the Las Vegas shooting could politically force the president to enact some form of new gun law, even if just a small concession.

“On top of the immense political pressure, the visuals Trump will see, hundreds of severely injured young people, could provoke him to act,” this source said. “The rational route to take would be to let the investigation play out to see if any new laws could’ve prevented this. I’m 100 percent Second Amendment but … people who had their brains blown out is enough to make anyone with a heart consider anything to prevent this.”

3 responses to “Bannon: ‘Impossible’ Trump Will Move on Gun Control – It “Will be the end of everything,”

  1. Yes, everyone with a heart is sick about the carnage guns can cause. A semi truck plowing through pedestrians or a tractor driving over cars can also cause carnage. Homemade bombs can do a lot more. If a terrorist or insane person is bent on killing, he can find many ways to do that. It is a false security to think gun control will stop murders. How many times do people have to bring up examples like Chicago go put truth to that lie? Arabs are not allowed guns in Israel but often they become terrorists and shoot innocents. Everyone knows there’s a black market and these have never been eliminated, making smuggling a lucrative career. It happens with anything that is banned and it happens everywhere.

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    • Freedom Rider

      Absolutely spot-on Cathy. Here in what was once the ‘UNITED’ States of America the Globalist/NWO push to grab our guns is a total priority for them. It may well yet be accomplished but there will be much blood spilled by the scum who would destroy our country before they complete their Satanic Agenda for the New World Order with Anti-Christ at its helm.

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  2. williamjamesward

    The best laws ever given are broken daily and they are here to
    convict all of sin and a fallen state. The Ten Commandments
    and the response today to them makes me think commandments
    of and by men in the tens of thousands show that the mimicking
    by men is a farce by comparison. Our prisons are full and more
    such occupiers are flooding America. The idea of gun laws
    presupposes they will be followed but only by those who regard
    the right and wrong of any situation where criminals act out of
    their fallen state without conscience. People like Gov. Moonbeam
    are out to lunch and without sane principals, given over to
    strong delusion…………………William

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