Antifa Plans “Civil War” to Overthrow the Government On 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

Antifa Plans “Civil War” to Overthrow the Government

Violent far-left group demands Trump “regime be removed from power”

Whether the planned actions fizzle after some on the mainstream left who previously embraced Antifa were forced to back away remains to be seen.

However, the activity of the group should cause even more alarm given the revelations of an undercover video by Steven Crowder and his team in which Antifa members are seen planning violent attacks, handing out sharp objects with which to stab conservatives, and even discussing the procurement of AK-47s.

8 responses to “Antifa Plans “Civil War” to Overthrow the Government On 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

  1. Well, if these traitorous bastards actually were to start a ‘revolution’, then I guess it would then (finally) become legal to shoot them. Double tap.

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    • I think this could get really ugly. The Global Oligarchy ain’t going ‘Gently Into that Good Night’. These are powerful bastards and friggin Antifa are no more than idiot (mostly) untrained suicide troops who are being sacrificed to kick off a total NWO revolution. After the Queen Bitch lost her guaranteed election (an act of God in my opinion) everything we’ve seen since has been a preamble to all out revolution against America. Damn Them To Hell!

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  2. Please! Bring…it…on! Patriots are starving for the day you start something, in masse, and armed. We just need you to fire the opening shot, then we’ll clean the rathole out. Right, Hillary, Soros, etc?

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    • This has been cookin’ on the stove since ’67. Pots boilin’ over now.
      Personally, I consider them all damned Nazis (who were, contrary to popular belief, Leftists), and traitors to our country.

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  3. Oh…how do they think they’ll hold up during martial law and open season when real, not imagined, millions upon millions who are sick of this, drain the last drop of blood from them? Want weapons? Come get ours. You can have them a round at a time!

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  4. Antifa: a crazy communist cult doomed to extinction. Nevertheless, we must be wary, prepared. Now, they are doomed to failure. After the Rapture, the one world government of Antichrist MAY seem a longed-for fit, though I doubt so for Satan, because he likely will find them an obstruction, a hindrance, simply a nuisance to his OWN design. Antifa doesn’t fit prophecy well. They are costumed, fanatical thugs, not armies poised for an invasion of Israel. Satan may well desire Antifa destroyed. Assuredly, Christ will destroy this lot during the tribulation.

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  5. To tell you how stupid they are, this stunt will cause them to finally be labeled a terrorist organization, suited for arrest and imprisonment. How does that sound to their funders Soros and $800,000 Hillary? Those FEMA camps would suit them well.

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