Video: BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES – 9/11 – “NO PLANES” – 5 Min.

2 responses to “Video: BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES – 9/11 – “NO PLANES” – 5 Min.

  1. I have seen very clear footage of small explosions going all the way down these buildings which also did the trick. Before that day on 9/11 the buildings doors were left open for workers to come into them, I believe that was on a weekend? I can’t remember what day of the week that it happened..and I don’t remember exactly what they were supposedly to be working on. Obviously, they were placing those explosive devices. Devvy Kidd from News With Views .had written extensively on all of the details. A planned event it was, by guess who.

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  2. There was another hour interview with a stewardess who is very convincing that this was all fake news, though the govt killed the passengers. She wrote a book. But she teases that we won’t like what the rest of the plans for us are, without telling us anything about such plans. Some of these critics of 9-11 blame Israel, but that makes no sense at all. But most of the critics agree that the building collapses were demolitions. The rest of the story – who knows?

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