Convenient or Creepy?: Walmart Wants to Walk Into Your Home and Stock Your Fridge

Convenient or Creepy?: Walmart Wants to Walk Into Your Home and Stock Your Fridge

Company tests app giving Walmart employees access to your house

The new delivery system will be tested in Silicon Valley, and goes head-to-head against other grocery-delivery apps like Instacart and the popular Amazon Prime Now.

Walmart’s vice president of eCommerce explained the process in a Friday blog post:

Here’s how the test will work: I place an order on for several items, even groceries. When my order is ready, a Deliv driver will retrieve my items and bring them to my home. If no one answers the doorbell, he or she will have a one-time passcode that I’ve pre-authorized which will open my home’s smart lock. As the homeowner, I’m in control of the experience the entire time – the moment the Deliv driver rings my doorbell, I receive a smartphone notification that the delivery is occurring and, if I choose, I can watch the delivery take place in real-time. The Deliv associate will drop off my packages in my foyer and then carry my groceries to the kitchen, unload them in my fridge and leave. I’m watching the entire process from start to finish from my home security cameras through the August app. As I watch the Deliv associate exit my front door, I even receive confirmation that my door has automatically been locked.

The move was slammed on Twitter by users who felt the straight-to-fridge proposal was a little too creepy.

Niles Crane @arrogantbvddha

That article said Walmart wants people to literally deliver groceries to your fridge while you aren’t home. No thanks.

Big Hush @BigHushofTX

We’ll see how long Walmart’s delivery plan goes before someone finds a “How May I Help You?” vest left in their bedroom.

NYC Infidel @NYC_Infidel

When will @Walmart or @Amazon provide “in mouth delivery” of pre-chewed, regurgitated groceries?

Adam Machanic @AdamMachanic

Allow a Walmart delivery person to enter my home? No. I HAVE SEEN THE PEOPLE OF WALMART BLOG. 

What do you think of Walmart’s new move letting strangers into your home?

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