Mika Brzezinski: Trump’s Hugs Were Pornographic

“It’s a funny way to hug”

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski went on The View Thursday to talk about Donald Trump and other news, but the show took a bizarre turn when Scarborough began to describe Trump’s alleged “obsession” with Mika.

It all started when Whoopi Goldberg asked, “Can we just say that there is an obsession with Mika?”

Scarborough replied, “It’s been that way from the very beginning and people ask why he’s always so mean to Mika.”

Then, Joy Behar interrupted by suggesting “he’s attracted to her, maybe.”

Mika didn’t seem to enjoy the thought of Trump finding her attractive.

Scarborough then went on, saying, “Even before he ran for president, I won’t show you. I mean he would walk up on the set and he’d walk past me,” but Mika cut him off to say, “You can’t actually do it, it’s pornographic.”

When Sunny Hostin tried to confirm Mika’s allegation, Scarborough corrected her, “No. Not pornographic. It’s a funny way to hug.”

“He’s handsy,” Mika interjected.


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