Hillary… Can’t Let Go – Tucker Carlson

Clinton Says She Won’t ‘Rule Out’ Challenging Legitimacy of 2016 Election

5 responses to “Hillary… Can’t Let Go – Tucker Carlson

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  2. Hillary Clinton has ego problems in a very sick world view, she is a
    product of political corruption and criminal behavior unchallenged
    by a competent and honest justice system. Until Jeff Sessions gets
    off his dead laurels we will have to assume his swamp attitude is
    real and no one from the swamp will face charges for their illegal
    and self enriching crimes using government positions as the
    conduit. Will Americans ever see justice, I now doubt it more than
    ever……….The last thing I want to hear from or about the
    Obama-Clinton era is “guilty as charged, treason with severe

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    • William… Smarter men than me believe that Jeff Sessions has somehow been compromised and threatened by the Deep State and is neutered. Trump needs to fire him NOW and replace him with someone like Trey Gowdy who will (hopefully) do the job that Sessions was appointed to starting with the Clintons and Oboma. We are dealing with Powers and Principalities here. Not human beings. This is spiritual warfare in high places, I fear that God Almighty has finally turned His Face from us. Our best weapon is earnest prayer that He will forgive us and heal our land… But I am pessimistic.

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  3. I may be pessimistic about myself and all mankind but not about our
    Lord God, He is always right, on time and prayer brings us into His
    abiding peace. However it is easy to get pessimistic in a World that
    is at war with Him and our Redemption, as you say earnest prayer
    is what is needed and the more the better. It seems we are in the
    end days and things will happen very quickly, noting we should put
    our trust in The Lord and that we will disappoint ourselves and
    be disappointed by others, even those we love, Christ will mend
    and elevate our spirit and minds and when He returns our bodies
    heaven bound………….In Him……………….William

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