Theresa May Declares Martial Law In London

5 responses to “Theresa May Declares Martial Law In London

  1. I think it’s overstating the situation to call what May described as “Tempera” as martial law. She described a scenario in which military will guard certain locations, but the public would see only the addition of more policemen on the streets. Martial law means there would be laws superseding normal laws which would affect civilians by reducing some of their freedoms. PM May did not mention anything like this, though her careful wording might suggest that the extra guards could be a precursor to martial law, if the threat level continues to go up. Putting military guards at certain locations certainly could be a step to martial law, but it is not martial law, from the definitions I’ve read anyway.

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  3. Lets mix up the immigration issue by comparing white kindred immigration with non-white invasion.

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  4. It is known what must be done to end the terrorism and no matter
    what law that is invoked, deporting the Islamists is the main order of
    the day…………….The West may not survive and war may be in
    the streets for hundreds of years unless a sane leader is placed in

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