ISIS Joins Leftists In Celebrating Hurricane Irma

Both want the natural disaster to punish evil-doers

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“Welp at least Irma is gonna wipe out the old Trump supporters in Florida,” said Heather Lieb.

“I hope Irma leaves all these Trump supporters homeless and humble their asses,” remarked a Twitter user called Jason.

“We should round up all the Trump supporters and leave them directly in Hurricane Irma’s path,” added another Twitter user.

“Hurricane Irma needs to land directly on the America where all of Trump and his supporters are so we can rejoice to mother nature,” said another.

ISIS wasn’t joking when they said they planned to recruit members the far left, after all, they have so much common ground.

Meanwhile, others just seemed frustrated that all the extreme weather events were getting in the way of their relentless race-baiting.

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All these extreme weather events are taking attention away from our race-baiting. So frustrating!




Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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