Thug Cops In Action Department

Shock Footage: Police Drag Nurse Attempting to Protect Patient from Unauthorized Blood Draw

Nurse was defending unconscious truck driver who had been injured in hit-and-run accident

An analysis of the video confirms that on the day of the incident Wubbels correctly informed Detective Jeff Payne of the hospital’s policy when she explained to him that only “three things” would allow her to draw blood from her patient.

You need an “electronic warrant, patient consent,” or a patient must be under arrest for the blood to be taken, the nurse explained to Payne with papers in hand.

“We’re done. You’re under arrest,” the detective said.

The detective then grabbed the nurse and dragged her out of the building as she screamed at the top of her lungs and cried, “Help! Help! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!”

The nurse was then handcuffed and taken to the station where she was later released without any charges.

An internal police investigation into the matter is being conducted and Det. Payne has been suspended from the department’s blood draw program, but still remains on active duty with the force, as the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.

No lawsuit has been filed, but Wubbels is in touch with an attorney and hopes the footage will be used as a police educational tool for future situations.

Watch the exchange from a different angle:

One response to “Thug Cops In Action Department

  1. Anger management would be a good start for this Detective but
    he knew or should have known he was to follow protocol. It should
    not have been difficult to get a Judge to provide a warrant for
    the Police, so I question the reliability of this Officer who at the
    least needs a vacation and a close look at himself, stress could
    be a very taxing foe in law enforcement. He should offer apologies
    all around, this is a very sad happening……………….William

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