Putin Warns N. Korea Situation On Verge of ‘Large-Scale Conflict’

Favors multilateral negotiations with Pyongyang over direct pressure

2 responses to “Putin Warns N. Korea Situation On Verge of ‘Large-Scale Conflict’

  1. If we were complete idiots we would continue to talk and accept the
    N. Korean promises to stop what they are doing but keep on doing
    while laughing themselves to what will be death. Donald Trump is
    just waiting for the best time to toast them, which would have been
    over twenty years ago but better late than never. There are ways
    to destroy N. Korean forces on the border with S. Korea before they
    can react and without the use of multiple nuclear weapons. For those
    in the know………….silent rain. End times will be very hard to
    survive, pray and have hope in the Redeemer who is our Savior.

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    • “For those in the know………….silent rain.”…

      Yes William. Limited use tested in Vietnam in ’68 under a different name. Horrid . But better than the ‘Nuclear Option’. in any case may God help Trump to make the right decision

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