Please Watch… Please THINK… PLEASE WAKE UP!!!

2 responses to “Please Watch… Please THINK… PLEASE WAKE UP!!!

  1. Someday there will be a total accounting and revelation of all motives
    for every action or inaction. We were not there during the days of
    Noah but with thinking we can see what is going on and that we
    have very evil people about doing what they can to destroy American
    society, law, heritage and future for our posterity. Lethargic people
    become catatonic over time unless they wake up and smell the smoke
    and feel the fire before being consumed. Fighting is a very good way
    to get the body and mind in focus for survival and correct action.
    Yes we are at war and must not give in to the constant attacks of
    the left and we must push back constantly in defense and in
    retribution for the treason of the enemies within…………William

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    • Amen William, and again… AMEN. The war is in full sway and cups of wrath are being poured out on this evil and unrepentant nation. God’s Will be Done!

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