Professor: Harvey Is ‘Karma’ For Texas Voting Trump

Tampa professor forced to apologize for saying Texans deserve storm chaos

Meanwhile, conservatives are pointing fingers at Mayor Sylvester Turner for not issuing a mandatory evacuation in Houst

3 responses to “Professor: Harvey Is ‘Karma’ For Texas Voting Trump

  1. Heard earlier on FOX that he was fired.

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  2. — MEL — Sure hope he was fired. I agree with Mr. Storey that, yes, we, as a society, are being punished but it is not because Texas or any other state voted Republican. It is because we have been pushing God Almighty out of our lives and institutions for many years now and it catching up with us. Any one that does not think God is judging us, has to have their head in the sand. The weather related catastrophies just keep coming and coming and coming. The wars are getting worse and worse and worse. May the Lord have mercy

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    • Freedom Rider

      I agree MA. God will not be mocked. In no longer pray nor sing God Bless America. May the Lord have mercy.


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