This ONE additive could undermine your entire diet

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* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 8/25/17

You’re finally ready to commit.

After reading about the life-changing effects of the low-carb diet here in the Daily Dose — after maybe even SEEING the stunning results in some of the folks around you who’ve tried it — you’re going to give it a shot yourself.

You’ve tossed the sugar in the trash… fed what’s left of the bread to the birds… and donated your pasta stash to the local food pantry.

But new research reveals one more step you need to take before you can REALLY expect to enjoy ALL of the benefits.

You’ve got to quit all the other sweeteners, too.

I know. You’re hoping for something to take the bite out of your coffee… or maybe a diet soft drink as a “guilty pleasure.”

These sweeteners SEEM to fit the bill perfectly. After all, they have ZERO carbs and ZERO calories. But the new study shows how there’s more at work here than carbs and calories.

In fact, these fake sugars can actually UNDERMINE your brand-new lifestyle!

In a series of experiments on fruit flies, fake sugars seemed to stimulate the appetites of the bugs. When they were placed on a low-carb diet, artificial sweeteners had an immediate and noticeable effect.

They began to eat up everything in sight!

It’s as if their appetites went haywire, and they could no longer control themselves — and the more of those sweeteners they got, the more they ate.

Flies NOT given the sweeteners, on the other hand, didn’t eat more when they were put on the low-carb diet.

I know, you don’t have wings or those crazy bug eyes. You’re nothing like a fly! So how could this possibly mean anything to you?

Well, friend, it should mean plenty.

Not only do the brains of the bugs have some of the same triggers as your own, but we’ve also seen similar results in human studies.

And not just in low-carb dieters, either.

Fake sugars appear to trick the brain’s appetite controls, leading to MORE cravings… MORE hunger… and MORE eating. As a result, studies show folks who use artificial sweeteners can have a higher risk of weight gain, obesity, and diabetes.

That’s exactly what you don’t want out of a diet, whether you’re a fly or a human.

So, quit the sweets and let your brain and body work as they were intended. Go low-carb — without sweeteners — and they’ll quickly reset themselves so you can eat ’til you’re full, never count calories, and watch the weight fly away.

Your fly guy,
Jack Harrison

One response to “This ONE additive could undermine your entire diet

  1. williamjamesward

    Great information, also watch out for fat free chips and snacks like
    Olestra……… will stop digesting vitamins and minerals………..William

    Liked by 1 person

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