United Nations Issues Rare “Early Warning” – Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America

It’s clear that the United States is being purposely divided

Anastasia Crickley, Chairperson of UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said:

We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred

As per UN News Centre:

In a decision issued under its ‘early warning and urgent action’ procedure, the Committee, which monitors implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, stated “there should be no place in the world for racist white supremacist ideas or any similar ideologies that reject the core human rights principles of human dignity and equality.”
In addition to the criminal investigation of the individual who ploughed his car into a crowd of peaceful protestors killing a woman, the UN experts asked the US authorities to undertake concrete measures “to address the root causes of the proliferation of such racist manifestations.”

Let’s take a moment to gain another perspective from Los Angeles Times writer Jesse Walker asks in an Op-EdAre we headed for a second civil war?

Not inconceivable? That’s a low bar. It’s certainly possible to imagine America returning to the violence of the 1960s and ’70s, and beneath the overwrought language, that’s what some – though not all – of these civil war prophets seem to have in mind. But a near-future war with two clear sides and Gettysburg-sized casualty counts is about as likely as a war with the moon.
These “new civil war” stories frequently take a bait-and-switch approach. They invoke the violence at demonstrations like the rally in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, where a man reportedly sympathetic to Nazism drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman. In the same breath, they discuss the broad divisions separating “red” America from “blue” America. If you flip quickly between small violent clashes and big political disagreements, those big disagreements will look bloodier.


It’s clear that the United States is being purposely divided. The United Nations is clearly playing into the hype of issuing an early warning that has only been issued for third world countries in the past 10-years. In our opinion, the continued division in America will only be achieved through more events such as Charlottesville that will polarize the sheep into the streets for slaughtering.

*  *  *

Finally we note that The United Nations dropped this little beauty in their progonstication…

CERD also called on the Government to ensure that the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assemblyare not exercised with the aim of destroying or denying the rights and freedoms of others, and also asked it to provide the necessary guarantees so that such rights are not misused to promote racist hate speech and racist crimes.

In other words – speech should be free… as long as it does not hurt my feelings.






2 responses to “United Nations Issues Rare “Early Warning” – Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America

  1. I have one comment for the UN. Get Lost! The UN is nothing more than a bunch of tinhorn dictators trying to rule the world and they are the cause of just about 99% of our problems. This all started with Agenda 21 which has morphed into Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 is nothing but Agenda 21 on a dose of double steroids. If our leaders here in America had any common sense, they would kick the UN out, confiscate all property that is supposedly owned by the UN, and either sell it off or use it for housing. May the Lord have mercy.


  2. the United Nations is the greatest threat to freedom in the world. In fact, it’s a tyrannical global threat. It’s a massive fraud that forces its global agenda on nations; creates poverty and suffering in the world; and wastes billions of dollars every year as it gives power to dangerous despots and terrorists.

    Congressman Mike Rogers from Alabama has introduced H.R. 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. This bill calls for ending American membership in the United Nations and it’s our chance to demand those hearings and expose the UN. H.R. 193 has been sent to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

    It’s the duty of the Foreign Affairs Committee to consider the bill and pass it on to the full House for a vote. It is in this committee where our hearing can and should be heard! You can sign A Citizens Appeal for Legislative Consideration here: https://americanpolicy.org/citizens-appeal/?mc_cid=f2a749224c&mc_eid=2248be9ce0


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