The Orwellian war on history

The Orwellian war on history

A Year Zero mentality is on the march

3 responses to “The Orwellian war on history

  1. “A Year Zero mentality is on the march. People seem hellbent on wiping out history, making it invisible, and starting society all over again, cleansed of the likenesses of dead people of whom they disapprove”.
    The way things are going, it looks like that new society could very well be in the Godless international new world order. If Trump can continue on, with the help of God and we who pray, that society could be averted.

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  2. — Barbara — Agreed. We have arrived at “1984.” Only time will tell how long it will take to accomplish our total surrender.

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  3. Yes we have MA in MO, so many Americans have no knowledge, they are lethargic and so pliable. Some of us Will fight, but only God knows what will happen in the very near future. For too many decades the people ignored everything and let all of it happen, it would take a century to turn things around…but I’m afraid we waited too long..It’s now embedded in the U.S..

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