Death of a Nation

US in midst of violent communist revolution

2 responses to “Death of a Nation

  1. williamjamesward

    The left needs to fulfill their program of destroying our history so that our
    posterity can not know who they are or who we were in truthful context.
    Revisionist History is one of their destructive ploys, humiliating
    and making fun of our leaders past and present in our face and
    sinful conduct promoted as the good and beautiful. Societal failure
    through degeneracy in thought, word and deed is their goal in order
    to form their slave state of mindless devotees so the elites can rule
    and live the high life over the herd cattle. We are in a war for survival
    and Donald Trumps administration may be our last hope, Divine
    intervention will be appreciated against the forces of darkness and
    perpetual evil. This article should be required reading everywhere.

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