Outing Left Wing Fascists-Nazis

By Jim O’Neill

I, like most of my fellow Republicans and conservatives, was a victim of the progressive paradigm, embedded in all our institutions of culture, from academia to Hollywood to the media.  …the story that we had accepted, like suckers, was the idea that fascism and Nazism are inherently “right wing.”

Dinesh D’Souza “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left

For some years now I have been shouting from the rooftops that the Fascists/Nazis were, are, and always will be a Left-wing phenomenon.  I have called it the “Big Lie” (e.g. “Right Wing Nazis: The Big Lie”), and I am delighted to see that Dinesh D’Souza sees this outrageous falsehood in the same light – naming his most recent book “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left.”  (Unless otherwise stated all of the quotes in this article come from D’Souza’s book).

I say I am “delighted” because D’Souza has a much larger megaphone than I do, and in addition has a professional resume to die for.  That’s why Dinesh earns the big bucks, and I don’t.  On a more serious note, that is also why D’Souza has been incarcerated as a political prisoner in the United States and I have not.

This article is not a review of D’Souza’s book, nor is it a synopsis, but I will refer to it often as a touchstone throughout this article.  I highly recommend you purchase and read his book in its entirety, but in its absence this article will perhaps serve as a means to highlight some of its more important talking points.

I will not be spending any time discussing why I believe that left-wing Big Government bureaucracies are never a good idea.  From the gulags of Stalinist Russia to the killing fields of Cambodia, from the French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror” to the Nazi death camps, from Cuba’s murdered thousands to Mao’s millions, the history of horrific leftist “utopias” is there for anyone to see.  Watch Venezuela if you need a refresher.

Let me start by defining some terms.  What is a conservative?  Politically speaking a conservative is, not surprisingly, someone who wishes to conserve, to save, something.  Not to put too fine a point on it, that something that we wish to conserve is freedom, our individual liberty.  That means that conservatives try to rein in or restrain government (for as government grows freedom shrinks).

Opposed to the conservative viewpoint is the, well, it goes under a variety of names…I’ll simply call it the liberal/progressive/globalist/communist/socialist/statist, or fascist viewpoint – which is in favor of a huge, bloated, bureaucratic government that controls every aspect of our lives, to one degree or another.  The bigger and more controlling the government the better to the leftist mind (a hive mind; group-think marionettes marching in lockstep, excepting the puppet-masters of course).

All of the various ideologies I mention in the paragraph above are variations on a theme – that theme being Big Government.  Although there are differences between them all, they have much more in common with each other than with any pro-capitalist, pro-freedom conservative ideology.  For example, communism has much more in common with fascism than either has with conservatism.

Now might be a good time to bring up the question: what is fascism exactly?  The Left would have us believe that either (1) fascism is a right-wing ideology, or (2) the answer is so muddled, arcane, obscure, and convoluted that no simple answer is possible.  Both of the “answers” that the Left tries to palm off on us are nonsense.  They are lies, big lies.

Fascism is a Big Government ideology, and as such belongs firmly on the left side of the political spectrum (on the side opposite from the restrained and reined in government, right-wing side of things).

In the past, I have pointed to the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) as being the popularizer of fascism (he coined the term), but he didn’t just come up with the concept of fascism in a vacuum.  Where did Mussolini get his ideas from?  Good question.

“Think about this: we know the name of the philosopher of capitalism, Adam Smith.  We also know the name of the philosopher of Marxism, Karl Marx.  So, quick, what is the name of the philosopher of fascism?  Yes, exactly.  You don’t know.  Virtually no one knows.  My point is that this is not because there were no foundational thinkers behind fascism…but rather that the Left had to get rid of them in order to avoid confronting their unavoidable socialist and leftist orientation.  …This is the big lie in full operation.”

Giovanni Gentile

Giovanni Gentile (1875-1944) and Mussolini co-authored “A Doctrine of Fascism” (1930) which is often attributed to Mussolini alone.  “It was Gentile,” said Mussolini, “who prepared the road for those like me who wished to take it.”

Anti-individualistic, the Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with those of the State….  The Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value.

Gentile, Mussolini “A Doctrine of Fascism”

During the first half of the 20th century Gentile was considered one of the world’s premier philosophers.  Today he is hardly known at all.  This “burying” of Gentile has been done quite intentionally.  If his teachings were to become widely known then the similarity between his teachings and the modern progressive agenda would become all too apparent.  At all costs the similarities between fascist and progressive thought must continue to be hidden, or else the Big Lie would be in danger of being exposed.

“The Left has the desperate need to conceal fascism’s association with contemporary leftism.  Even when the Left uses Gentilean rhetoric, its source can never be publicly acknowledged.  …the progressives intend to keep Gentile where they’ve got him: dead, buried, and forgotten.”

In closing this short segment on Giovanni Gentile let me note that by all accounts he was a decent man and not some mouth-frothing demagogue.  He ran a good race but on the wrong track – it happens.

In keeping with their cannibalistic leitmotif the Left ate their own and Gentile was assassinated by a rival leftist faction in 1943.

Martin Heidegger

Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) burst on to the public scene in 1927 with the publication of his philosophical work “Being and Time.”  Below is a small sampling from the book.

“‘Being’ is not something like a being.”  Being, Heidegger claims, is “what determines beings as beings, that in terms of which beings are already understood.”

Martin Heidegger “Being and Time

Yeah, I know, that’s what I think too.  But the Left’s intelligentsia eats that kind of stuff up like nobody’s business.

As D’Souza notes, “Being and Time” laid the foundational groundwork for beloved leftist causes as diverse as deconstructionism, radical ecology, anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism, identity politics, and secularism (atheism).  What a guy, huh?

There’s just one teensy fly in the ointment…maybe not so teensy.  Heidegger was an unrepentant Nazi.  I don’t mean that Heidegger happened to be in Germany while Hitler was in power.  I mean Heidegger was full-fledged Jew hating, Seig Heiling, Horst-Wessel singing, Nazi.true believer.

The Fuhrer alone is the present and the future German reality and law.  Heil Hitler!

Martin Heidegger “Political Texts 1933-34, German Students, Nov. 3. 1933

This, as you might imagine, presented the Left with a bit of a conundrum.  How do you laud and celebrate a blatant Nazi without letting the cat out of the bag?  That is, how can you carry on with the Big Lie that the Nazis were a right-wing party when one of the most influential and important molders of left-wing ideology was a dyed-in-the-wool Nazi?   Hmm.

First the Left denied that Heidegger was a Nazi…well, certainly not a bad Nazi, not one of those Nazis, and that worked pretty well until Heidegger’s so-called “Black Notebooks” began being published in 2014 – then, not so much.  Turns out that Heidegger was one of those Nazis.

Anti-Semite or not, Heidegger’s students included Jews Leo Strauss, Hannah Arendt, and Herbert Marcuse – Marxist/Fascist extraordinaire Herbert Marcuse.

Herbert Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) did so much damage to American culture, in so many ways, that he is unquestionably ensconced in the pantheon of “Great Enemies of Western Civilization.”

“Marcuse knew that Heidegger’s hatred for individualism, capitalism, and “Americanism” were shared by both fascists and Marxists.  Precisely for this reason, Marcuse believed a fusion of Marxian socialism and Heideggerian fascism was a logical synthesis.”

Communism and fascism typically do not play well together (e.g. The “Spanish Civil War” 1936-1939, Hitler/Stalin), but Marxism and fascism get along like peas in a pod, and it was just such a poisonous cocktail of Marxism and fascism that Marcuse injected into America’s culture.

Communist party faithful had been in the habit of calling anyone they disagreed with a “fascist” (e.g. right-wing) long before Marcuse came along, but many people at the time (early post-WW II) still saw communism and fascism as being left-wing variants.

Marcuse, and his fellow “Frankfurt School” alum, Theodor Adorno, changed all that and pulled off the neat trick of convincing people that left-wing Nazis were in fact right-wing conservatives.  That was no mean feat – give credit where it’s due.

Both Adorno and Marcuse were Jews who had fled Nazi persecution in Hitler’s Germany, so they automatically had street cred from the get-go.  Who better to ask what a Nazi was or was not, right?

Right.  So Adorno and Marcuse, who had little success peddling their Marxist/Socialist wares, decided to become ANTI-NAZI crusaders – and that gambit took off like a rocket.

“This, after all, was the post-World War II era.  America had just waged war against the Nazis, and after the war Nazism became the very measure of evil.  So, Marcuse and Adorno knew that anything associated with Nazism or fascism would automatically be tainted.  They set about putting this obvious fact to political use on behalf of the political left.”

Adorno fired the first shot with his 1950 bestseller “The Authoritarian Personality.”  Adorno included a scale to rate fascism on, which very conveniently for the political left just so happened to resemble a check list of conservative values.


Adorno’s value to such people [leftists] is that he empowers them to say, “Down with fascism!  Now let’s get rid of conservatism and expose those evil people on the right.”  And today Adorno’s deception enables the left to call Trump a fascist and Republicans the modern incarnation of the Nazi Party.  Only by understanding this big lie can we inoculate ourselves against it and correctly locate fascism and Nazism where they have always belonged—on the political left.

Dinesh D’Souza “Big Liar: How Theodor Adorno Redefined Fascism

One of Adorno’s more clever ploys was to equate fascism with repressed sexuality.  Knowing that “sex sells” Herbert Marcuse doubled down on Adorno’s gambit and ran with it…and how.  In his 1956 book “Eros and Civilization” Marcuse very cleverly packaged his Marxist/Fascist message in a “If It Feels Good Do It” wrapper.

College students were not slow to embrace Marcuse’s “Screw your way to being an anti-fascist” meme.  It’s a far cry from the pearl-clutching prudery the Left promotes on today’s campuses, but that’s the topic for another article.

Back in the day (1960s) the “sexual revolution” (caused in a large part by Marcuse) held sway and reverberations from it echo down to this day.  Something else that Marcuse promoted and popularized is also very much alive and well on today’s college campuses – total intolerance for opposing points of view.


In that cute way the Left has of naming things exactly what they are not, Marcuse called his rabid intolerance “Liberating Tolerance.”  It is, to my mind, the most Nazi-like and thuggish of his various vile creations.  His former Nazi teacher Heidegger no doubt thoroughly approved.

Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed, certain behavior cannot be permitted….

Herbert Marcuse “Repressive Tolerance

I am going to move on now to discuss another leftist Svengali with Nazi connections.  But first let me say that this article should in no way be considered some sort of “Cliff Notes” synopsis of D’Souza’s book “The Big Lie.”  His book has much more to it than this brief article could begin to cover.  If you find this topic of interest please do yourself a favor and purchase or borrow a copy.

George Soros 

I wrote about Soros in September of 2009 (“Soros: Republic Enemy #1”).  Judging by reader response it is the most popular, or at least the most widely read, of the many articles I’ve written.  I received reader emails about it for years after it was first posted.

Nonetheless, Soros is not a topic I have returned to until now.  Do I have much new to say about him?  No, not really – except why he isn’t currently sitting in a prison cell is one of life’s great mysteries to me.

In any event, I’ll let Dinesh sum up (rather nicely I must say) what we have learned about Heidegger, Marcuse, and Soros.

“These three men had a deeply intimate relationship with Nazism, and their whole outlook was formed in response to it.  …In a sense, fascism drove these three crazy, and now they are trying to make us crazy.

We see how this trio of Heidegger, Marcuse, and Soros put its talents and resources behind thuggish leftist causes.  …Together this horrid trio played a big role in the destruction of our universities, the shameless leftist propaganda of the media, and the brownshirt tactics of progressives today.”


So what to do; how do we resist the tsunami of lies and leftist propaganda thrown at us 24/7 by the various “news” venues, Hollywood, celebrities, academia, the courts, and corrupt politicians?

First step is to wake up.  Know who you are, and know who your enemies are.  As Sun Tzu wisely pointed out millennia ago, if you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know your enemy, then you are in a hopeless no-win situation – but, if you do know yourself, and you do know your enemy, then you will go from victory to victory.

So, who are we?  We’re the “good guys.”  We are the salvation of freedom and the wall against tyranny.  We the People are the backbone of America and what made this country great, and will make it great again.  We are the true patriots who love and respect our country and salute her flag.

Do not buy into that leftist nonsense that patriotism is synonymous with fascism.  Bulls—t!  Mahatma Gandhi was a nationalist, so was Nelson Mandella.  Winston Churchill, who led Britain’s courageous fight against the fascists and Nazis, was a patriot of the first order.

Conflating love of country with fascism is absolute rubbish.  It’s a sad specimen of humanity who takes no pride in where they live.  Wanting to protect and cherish your home turf is not fascist – it’s common sense for God’s sake.

So, who is our enemy?  All those who would muzzle us, shackle us, rob us and scorn us.  I think you know who I mean.

We need to pick our fights wisely.  The recent riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, for example, was NOT a Left against Right confrontation.  The Main Stream Media is by and large either clueless or intentionally lying 99% of the time (in case you haven’t figured that out yet).  I pay very little, if any, attention to “news” coming from them.

The riot in Charlottesville was not Left against Right, as the media would have us believe.  It was an internecine fight between two leftist factions.  In short, it was Left against Left.  I doubt that any of the people involved realize that fact, but nonetheless it is true.  (I understand that there were also people there simply defending Confederate history, and/or protecting the right to free speech – I leave them out of this discussion).

The Nazi ANTIFA thugs were obviously left-wing, but what about the white supremacists, surely they were right-wing, right?  Wrong.

The so-called “Neo-Nazis,” or “Alt-Right” white supremacists are basically “Old Guard” leftist thugs, cast adrift by shifting leftist loyalties.  Anyone who has done their due diligence researching the history of the Democratic Party (without ideological blinders on) knows that the Ku Klux Klan and the Democratic Party were thick as thieves for a century.

As Dinesh D’Souza recently said in a “Fox News” interview “These white nationalists, who really belong in the Democratic Party, are in a sense politically homeless, because if they show up at multicultural picnic they’re Satan.”  My how the mighty have fallen.  The Democratic Party now has a “black racists only” policy – whites need not apply.

Just because the Left no longer wants the white supremacists does not by any stretch mean that they automatically belong to the right-wing by default.  They are political orphans, but that is their problem, not ours.  Nor, God forbid, should we make it ours.

At the end of the day it doesn’t make any difference what banner a tyrannical left-wing Big Government bureaucracy chooses to display – communism, fascism, globalism, whatever.  They all take away our freedom and replace it with ever-increasing rules and regulations, restrictions and demands.

We the People just need to know that whether we call them communists, Marxists, fascists, Nazis, globalists or whatever, they are Big Government and they are freedom’s enemy, they are our enemy.

We are currently blessed with a POTUS who has the potential to be one of America’s greatest presidents.  Every day that Trump is Commander-in-Chief is a good day in my book.  Let us be equally steadfast, bold, and courageous.

Proud American patriots who have gone before us would expect nothing less, and generations of Americans to come will admire we fortunate ones who were granted the privilege of standing tall during this time of travail.  Neither those from the past, nor the future, can speak — so we will be their voice, loud and clear.




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