Huckabee: Trump would still be criticized if he shot Charlottesville driver ‘between the eyes’

“I guarantee you people would say he didn’t use the right caliber bullet.”

4 responses to “Huckabee: Trump would still be criticized if he shot Charlottesville driver ‘between the eyes’

  1. The city council caved and renamed Lee Park to Emancipation Park. Pretty upsetting unless you are a Commie or bleeding heart guilt-ridden white. Feel guilty about a historical figure, but do not do anything about a crumbling welfare subculture seeped in resentment and encouraged by 8 years of race baiting

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  2. Huckabee is 150% correct. The Black Lives Matter, Anti-Facts group, etc. are just as much to blame for this violence, if not more so, than any Alt-Right, KKK, or Supremeist group. The fact that this article states three people died as a result of this violence, shows how reports and articles can state facts (Yes, three people died) but also manipulate the truth (one was killed by the car, two others were killed in a helicopter a long way from where the car was driven into the crowd). Perfect example of how to lie without actually lying.

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  3. Figure you can put together a large group of wanna be rioters to assemble, then take videos, and you have a response to a year or so that was filled with liberals and BLM burning downtowns.
    The torch bearers looked transgixed. Fervent commie youth. The viOlentangy guys from both sides usually spend their weekends brawling in bas or beating their girl friends. The driver was a nut.
    They gave out permits to the two opposing groups, called the media, then got a ton of really aweful videos and images of fake riots all to discredit Trump and undermine the real Conservatives who were not involved. All out of state plates, and I bet they’ll also find many busses, and link to Trump haters. Rumors flew of drivebys and that a helicopter was shot down, terrorists all over town. From watching it and being here, the only casualties were the victims of the hit and run, not the street “theater”. I’m embarrassed and appalled, and think the Governor saw this demonstration something he could turn into a crisis and he sid not let it go to waste.

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  4. Seriously. Even if the driver was shot “between the eyes” by an ANTIFA member, POTUS Donald Trump would still be blamed.

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