Savage: Civil War If Trump Taken Down

Americans – not Russians – elected Trump

“But you haven’t seen the thing I’m telling you is coming in this country. You haven’t seen the ‘Day of the Locust’ yet.”

Savage was referring to the 1939 novel The Day of the Locust, which analyzes the violent rage of Americans who slaved away their entire lives only to realize that the American dream was impossible for them to achieve.

“When Eddie finally gets up and says that’s the end of the road, and Eddie’s eyes turn red, and blood is in his eyes, Eddie will turn this society upside down,” the Savage Nation host said. “And if [the left] take(s) Trump down, through Mueller or through any other source and deny Eddie his vote, there will be a civil war in this country.”

“I’m warning you. All of you leftists who think you’re going to steal our vote, you’re wrong.”

“…But if you do the next step and steal our president, I warn you. You’ve seen nothing yet,” he added. “You will see the ‘Day of the Locust’ in this country.”

That said, the battle lines for a civil war were drawn even before Trump entered politics.

“Not since the run-up to the Civil War has the nation been more divided,” Savage wrote in his 2014 book Stop the Coming Civil War. “The battle lines have been drawn: The haves against the have-nots.”

However, the globalists may want a civil war: it’ll give them the chance to “transform” America into an EU-style technocratic tyranny which they control.

“Unfortunately for individual people living in this new system, it will also require authoritarian and centralized control over all aspects of life, from cradle to grave,” wrote Patrick Wood in his book Technocracy Rising.

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2 responses to “Savage: Civil War If Trump Taken Down

  1. williamjamesward

    The left is full of brain washed students that have run up a trillion
    dollar debt they can not pay, communists allowed to teach our
    youth have caused a generation of losers to bedevil the working
    people and see government as the free candy store. We
    who do the work carry the burdens and Donald Trump is the
    result of us being sick and tired of the foolish idiocy and fraud
    taking over our government. We are herd cattle to the swamp
    dwellers in Washington and they are determined that their elite
    status and our serfdom will continue. I actually do feel sorry for
    the young and duped, they will be the first to fall in any revolution
    as they will be the cannon fodder. If the worst happens my take
    is that the leftist leaders, the elites will all be hanged publically
    and anything short of that will not satisfy the debt of their treason.

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  2. And Mister Savage, that’s a fact!

    Liked by 1 person

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