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The Seditious And Toxic Atmosphere Of The Globalists

When did political differences become an excuse for lawlessness? Just as President Obama’s life was respected by conservatives who disagreed with him politically, President Trump’s life should be respected by liberals who disagree with him politically.

The Democratic Party, academia, Hollywood and the media have systematically created the toxic atmosphere we now have to contend with. They have set the tone for what is occurring today.  This is war…every Democrat and Republican like Sen. John McCain, his partner Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan needs to be voted out.  The primaries are the most important votes we cast, and we need to fund and fight for the true and honest constitutional conservatives to run against the Democrats. The superb DVD documentary “Hollywood’s War on God” , reveals how satanic forces are using the movies.

The left needs to be destroyed, and that includes the left leaning Republicans. We all know who they are, Ryan, McCain, Collins, Graham, McConnell, and many more.  Our nation absolutely cannot survive more of these communist agitators fomenting rage because their globalist goals have been set aside by voters who chose freedom.

The Good News

Normally when there are run-offs and special elections, the opposite party of the president wins, but not this time.

Republican Greg Gianforte won the special election for Montana’s open US House seat, beating Rob Quist democrat.

Republican Ralph Norman won a special election to fill the South Carolina congressional seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney, battling to a victory closer than many expected to replace the new White House budget director.

Ron Estes, Kansas state treasurer, won the special election to fill the seat vacated by new CIA director, Mike Pompeo, in a district that President Trump carried by 27 points.

Republican Karen Handeldefeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in a high-stakes special election for a Georgia House seat denying Democrats their first major victory of the Donald Trump era.

Granted, they did not win by huge percentages as those they were replacing had in the past.  The average loss of points was 13.  Nevertheless, a win is still a win, and the left is feeling the pain.

These wins are inciting and provoking more civil unrest promoted by the entire left and encouraged by the socialist media.

Hatred and Savagery

The left wants it their way or they will destroy what is left of the country. Look at the shootings, rioting, threats of violence, destruction of personal property, the constant theme of assassinations of our President, the words of hatred slung by them all with the added ‘benefit’ of the left’s success in eradicating what is left of societal decency.  We are looking at anarchy.   The character assassination of our President and his administration and the total refusal of the left to accept the outcome of a legitimate presidential election is the weapon they’re using.

The latest election results will increase their vitriolic and savage criticism against our President and conservative republicans.  In my lifetime, I have never seen such viciousness, and I want to know why these vile creatures are not being charged with sedition.  Common manners and decency were once the building blocks of our society, but today the left leads in decaying society’s respect and civility to others. They claim it’s their right under “freedom of speech.”  (Cornell University’s definition of sedition.)

Laws Limit Some Freedom of Speech

Under Title 18, Section 871 of the United States Code, it is a Class E felony for anyone to “knowingly and willfully” threaten to “take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.”  Threatening the President is considered a political offense.

There are laws on the books that these people should be charged with, despite the freedoms of the first amendment. Certain types of speech are not protected by the first amendment: obscenity, fighting words, defamation (including libel and slander), child pornography, perjury, blackmail, incitement to imminent lawless action, true threats, and solicitations to commit crimes. Of course, libel and slander are rarely charged by public figures today since the 1964 supreme court decision in NYTs v. Sullivan wherein the court decided that media could lie with impunity about public figures unless the person could prove malice.  The court claimed this was a first amendment right of media.  The Warren court was stacked with six leftists and three moderates, so the unconstitutional verdict was 9-0.

Arrest the Seditionists

Andrew McCarthy’s recent article in National Review stated,

Whether it is Berkeley or Benghazi, it is standard operating procedure among the most influential, most allegedly mainstream Democratic politicians to rationalize rioting as mere ‘protest.’ In their alternative reality, violence in the name of sedition is ‘free speech’ — a passionate expression of political dissent — started me on this while the actual political speech they so savagely suppress is the atrocity.

What McCarthy went on to say reminded me of something my mother said long ago when I was a teenager and then a young adult.  She was right when she said that we were headed for a war of ideals…righteousness and freedom or slavery to the state.  God how I miss my amazing mother who started me on the journey to save America at the ripe old age of five.

One of the worst legacies of those 1960s Days of Rage was the failure of will to prosecute violent leaders of the radical Left to the full extent of the law — particularly the likes of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Weather Underground terrorists who got a complete pass. In its madness, the nation drew a moral equivalence between anti-American terrorism and the excesses of American government agents who pursued the terrorists, as if warrantless searches and spying, however concededly outrageous, were comparable to plots and attempts to commit mass murder. The government did not want the depths of its misconduct explored, so charges were dropped in some cases and pled away for a song in others — denying an exploration of the depths of the terrorists’ depravity. “Guilty as sin, free as a bird,” crowed Ayers, waxing nostalgic on the eve of the 9/11 attacks.

The message could not be clearer: For the political Left in this country, violence in the pursuit of “social justice” is not to be condemned, it is to be understood. There is the occasional winking rebuke of the forcible methods, but the underlying “progressive” cause is always endorsed, and the seditionist vanguard is the object of adulation.

McCarthy is right when he says, “Sedition and its related pathologies must be prosecuted. Equally important, they must be condemned. Without that, there cannot be a pluralistic, flourishing society.”  So where are the Republicans, where is the Secret Service, where is the DOJ???

Seditious Sewage Spewed by Left

The big question is why these people are not arrested, some are not even visited by the Secret Service.

  • Everyone has seen the disgusting photo by Kathy Griffin. It is so imprinted on minds, that I do not want it in any of my articles ever again.  She has rightfully lost many engagements.
  • Shakespeare in the park and their bloody assassination of Caesar and his wife in which the Roman ruler is unmistakably depicted as Donald Trump, and his wife has an Eastern European accent. They’ve lost two sponsors, Bank of America, and Delta Airlines.

  • During a rambling disjointed speech, scruffy and aging Johnny Depp joked about killing Donald Trump at Glastonbury 2017, asking, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?” He was referring to John Wilkes Booth and the murder of Lincoln. Then he said, “However, it has been a while and maybe it is time.”
  • Bernie Sanders supporter, Sarah Silverman is voicing her support for a military overthrow of the government, and telling her millions of twitter fans to join the resistance. What do they mean by resistance…violence and sedition?
  • Phil Montag, a Nebraska state Democratic party official, who was chairman of the technology committee, was fired after an audio recording surfaced earlier this week of him saying that he was “glad” that Scalise was shot and that he wished “he was f***ing dead.”

“This motherfer, his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to fing kick people off of f***ing health care,” Montag is heard saying in the audio recording, which was published on the website talkrealsolutions.com.

“I’m glad he got shot. I’m not gonna fing say that publicly. I’m glad he got shot.”  “I wish he was fing dead,” he added.

Montag obviously doesn’t have a full grasp of the English language.

  • We all remember Madonna at the pussyhat women’s march led by Islamist Linda Sarsour, telling people, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” She got herself an interview with the Secret Service, but again, why wasn’t she charged and arrested?
  • One of Snoop Dogg’s music video (literally) paints our President as a clown and orchestrates his death. At the video’s end, the rapper points a gun at the Trump figure and shoots. But instead of a bullet, a red flag that reads “Bang!” fires out of the gun.
  • Right after the election, shock-rocker Marilyn Mansonhad to take his turn in the Trump-bashing festivities. In one of his songs, a Trump-like persona wearing a suit and a red tie lies decapitated on a concrete floor, in a pool of his own blood.
  • Robert De Niro confirmed to ABC’s “The View” in February that he would like to punch Trump in the face. He clarified earlier comments, saying “It wasn’t like I was gonna go find him and really punch him in the face, but he’s gotta hear it.”

Really Bob?  Our president wants Robert Kennedy Jr. to look into the vaccines and autism, and you have an autistic child and wanted the VAX film shown and then backed down and you’re attacking our President?  Robert De Niro says his wife believes autistic son changed ‘overnight’ after vaccination.

  • Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams seemed to arguein a June 18 Facebook post that first responders to the shooting should have let the wounded individuals die.  In another post, Williams wrote that he is, “fed the f**k up with self-identified white’s daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslims, and sexual and racially oppressed people.”  He added that, “the time is now to confront these inhuman assholes and end this now.”
  • Tucker Carlson even had a fiery exchange with Democratic strategist Jim Devine over a tweet he sent out Monday with the hashtag “hunt Republican congressmen.”

Hunt them?  What the hell does that mean?  Hunt and shoot to kill?  These people have gone over the cliff and need to be arrested and tried for sedition and whatever other laws the DOJ can come up with.

The Face of the Democratic Party

This is the face of the democratic party and the radical leftists on which they rely. There is within the American Left an increasingly active element that is not only deeply left of center, and fundamentally opposed to free speech, but also openly violent.

This is the kind of talk that delegitimizes the representative republic process and weakens institutions. It smacks of treason. It is an effort to sow the seeds of civil war. It is unlike anything we’ve heard during a presidential campaign or tenure. It doesn’t just acknowledge the possibility of violence, it actually revels in it.

The Left Created James Hodgkinson

The Left gave us James Hodgkinson, Bernie Sanders supporter, and democratic socialist, who opened fire on Republicans.

The FBI, under democrat Andy McCabe, gave an utterly bizarre update on its investigation into an attempt to assassinate Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Steve Scalise who remains in the hospital with an upgraded condition to “fair” and said he faces a long recovery.

We know from other reporting that the list to kill was of six Republican Freedom Caucus members, including Rep. Mo Brooks, who was present at the practice.

So, what does the FBI decide this information means? Well, the takeaway of the briefing was characterized well by the Associated Press headline about it, which is total BS!  “FBI: Gunman who shot congressman had no target in mind.”

The AP reported the FBI

  • believes the gunman “had no concrete plan to inflict violence” against Republicans,
  • “had not yet clarified who, if anyone, he planned to target, or why,”
  • believes he may have just “happened upon” the baseball game the morning of June 14, and that the attack appeared “spontaneous,”
  • are unclear on the “context” of Hodgkinson’s note with six names of members of Congress,
  • does not believe that photographs of the baseball field or other sites “represented surveillance of intended targets,” and
  • “painted a picture of a down-on-his-luck man with few future prospects.”

In fact, USA Today went with “FBI offers portrait of troubled Alexandria shooter with ‘anger management problem’” for their headline, since that’s what the FBI emphasized in the briefing.

The FBI also said there was no “nexus to terrorism” in the attempted mass assassination of Republican leadership by a Democratic activist.

Excuse the hell outta me, this is outright BS and everyone knows it.  What the hell is the FBI peddling? And where is AG Sessions?  Time to dump the holdovers from OBAMA!  Truly, we need Rudy Giuliani to go after this mess.


Mueller Hires Clinton And Obama Supporters To Investigate Trump

CNN tried to conduct an online Trump hating poll, but it turned out to be a landslide for our President!  Here’s what they asked…  “Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?”  (and they included a very unflattering pic of the President).  As of Monday morning, 2,698,604 votes had been cast.  The verdict: 70.2% said “no,” and just 29.8% said “yes.”  Yes, we still support our duly elected President, Donald J. Trump!

Where are the Republicans?

Our President is right, this is a witch hunt, and you know that whatever this independent counsel does, they will eventually end up with some kind of bogus inane charge.  So, where is the outrage from the Republicans who have a Republican President, and a totally Republican Congress, thanks to the campaign of Donald John Trump and the grassroots Americans who voted for him?  Where the hell is the outrage, and why aren’t they speaking up?

Trump’s greatest problem is the cowardice of congressional Republicans. Most of them are in the DC swamp Trump initially attacked, but they owe their majority status to the president.  Fools that they are, they will eventually have to realize that the anti-Trump campaign is a sewer that could devour them, and their only chance of retaining control of the Congress is to pull together and put the president’s promises and programs through, yet they’re silent.  Why?  Because most are establishment globalists just like their buddies across the aisle.

While President Trump is the public face of the attacks, the individual that is being targeted, we the people will ultimately pay the price for the America-haters’ success in thwarting what is, in fact, our agenda that was adopted by Mr. Trump.

The Real Russian Collusion

Remember the uranium deal brokered through government agencies by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family, built, financed, and eventually sold off to the Russians, a company that would become known as Uranium One. The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Even the NYT’s reported this story!

Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations to the Clinton Foundation totaling $2.35 million, and then another half million for a Moscow speech by Bill Clinton for a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

In August of 2009, Sec. of State Clinton requested FBI Director Mueller to be the one to personally conduct the transfer a 10-gram sample of HEU to Russian law enforcement sources during a secret “plane-side” meeting on a “tarmac” in the early fall of 2009.  A leaked classified cable confirmed Director Mueller’s September 21, flight to Moscow.  Why don’t we ask him about his collusion with Russia? [Link]

And say, Bernie Sanders might know more…he and his wife honeymooned in Russia.

Democrats Wouldn’t Allow This

We know good and danged well that this kind of behavior would never have been allowed with Obama, and it wasn’t allowed with the weekly scandals of President Clinton.  The scandals were shut down by the media and the Democratic party.  So where is the Republican chutzpah?  They are too damned silent.

Donald Trump is certainly not perfect, and I’m not at all in love with some of his choices, but I get down on my knees every single day and thank the Lord that we do not have the criminal, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in our White House again.

We need to help our President.  Just because you voted for him doesn’t mean you can go back to sleep or sit on the couch with no worries.  We are responsible for the government we get, and it’s up to each of us to fight for and help the good guys.

Who are the good guys?  Well, there sure aren’t very many of them, but the Conservative Caucus comes to mind, and so does our President, Steve Bannon, Jeffrey Sessions, and one great American who gave all, General Michael Flynn.

The enemies of freedom on the left, in the neo-con right, and in the main stream media all want to destroy the man who is not one of them.  He is not a globalist, not part of the establishment, and certainly not a politician.

It’s time to let him know via Twitter and through contacts listed at the end of this article, that he needs to go on the offensive and needs to expose what is happening to him and his administration, and just exactly who is doing it.  And he definitely needs to oust the Deep State holdovers from previous administrations just as Secretary Zinke did with the Department of Interior.

Robert Mueller Hires 13 Lawyers

Robert Mueller has hired 13 lawyers, and is planning to hire more, to help in the spurious investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 presidential election.  Talk about beating a dead horse. Now the left is pushing for obstruction of justice charges simply because of the president’s perhaps unwise expression of hope to Comey that General Flynn would not be prosecuted and then his firing of Comey. This does not qualify as obstruction of justice.

So why is there an FBI investigation when there is nothing at all to investigate? Because Democrats, unlike the Republicans, never give up and never give in.  They are so angry that they lost this election, they are now hellbent to destroy the rightfully elected President, and they’ve got their own insiders to do it.  This witch hunt is a huge career enhancement for all these lawyers.  And think about the bucks this is costing the taxpayers, and how all these lawyers will want to find “something” to hang their hats on.  I am totally and completely disgusted.

Mueller’s High-Powered Team

According to a report by CNN, those hired by Mueller are seasoned attorneys and experts, but as far as I’m concerned Mueller has proven he is incapable of being truly independent with his choices.

James Quarles worked at Mueller’s firm, Wilmer Hale.  Quarles has given nearly $33,000 to political campaigns over the years. He gave money to Democratic presidential candidates Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In addition, Quarles gave more than $10,000 to help Democrats get elected to the House and another $10,000 on the Senate side, including money to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  Quarles is a former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate investigation, which the left likes to use as a comparison to the Trump investigation.

Jeannie Rhee, is a white-collar crime specialist, who also worked at Mueller’s old firm, and worked under Eric Holder for two years.  She has given $16,000 to the Democrats since 2008, and she maxed out for Hillary in ’15 and ’16. She has already received attention for representing the Clinton Foundation in a racketeering lawsuit brought by a conservative advocacy group, and also represented Clinton herself in a lawsuit seeking access to her private emails. She was Hillary’s attorney and now she’s on the staff to go after Donald Trump.

Andrew Weissmann, is a seasoned prosecutor who has spent his career going after organized crime.  He was the general counsel who prosecuted the Enron case, which was overturned 8-0 in the US Supreme Court.  Weissman gave Obama $2,300 and $2,000 to the Democrat Party.

Aaron Zebley was the attorney for Justin Cooper, who was Clinton’s personal staff aide, and was one of two people who had access to Hillary’s ‘private’ email server and helped to set it up in the first place. He worked for the Clinton White House, then a personal aide to Bill Clinton and then worked for the Clinton Foundation.  He also worked at Wilmer Hale with Mueller. Zebley is a cybersecurity expert who spent decades in the FBI before joining a private practice.

Then there’s Michael Dreeben who has argued more than 100 cases in front of the Supreme Court and is an expert on criminal law. And the latest is Elizabeth Prelogar, former law clerk for liberal Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, who has donated in the past to Hillary’s and Obama’s presidential campaigns.

The New York Times reported that Mueller was also looking into possible money laundering by Trump campaign staffers and associates, and that may be the reason he hired Lisa Page who has strong experience with money laundering and organized crime cases. [Link]

The fact that Mueller’s team can conduct such a broad probe, apparently looking into every possible angle of the Trump-Russia scandal, from possible financial crimes to outright collusion with the Kremlin, is a reflection of just how much legal firepower he has assembled.

Dick Morris observes, “So there are 330 million people in America and probably four or five million lawyers. And Mueller couldn’t find anybody except aides who worked for Bill Clinton, represented Hillary Clinton or worked for the Clinton Foundation to go after Donald Trump. This is not a special prosecutor’s staff. This is a hit squad.”

The President’s Lawyers


Trump’s team, by contrast, is led by Marc Kasowitz, a Wall Street lawyer with minimal experience in federal investigations. His top two partners so far, Michael Bowe and Jay Sekulow, are known more for their time on TV rather than their time in the courtroom, and don’t have anywhere near the background Mueller’s team has to take on this challenge.  Trump recently hired John Dowd, who represented McCain during the Keating Five scandal.

Prominent lawyers with investigative experience at four major law firms declined to represent the president, citing concerns about Kasowitz’s leadership and his influence over Trump. These lawyers include Brendan Sullivan of Williams & Connolly, a white-collar specialist who is consistently named as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the country, and Ted Olson of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, who was the solicitor general under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2004.  His wife was Barbara Olson, killed in 9/11.

Remember, VP Pence’s lawyer is Richard Cullen, the Godfather of one of Comey’s daughter’s.  Comey was a partner at Cullen’s firm.

The Investigation Has Started

Mueller’s team requested information from National Intelligence Director Dan Coates and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers. The investigators have interviewed former deputy director of NSA Richard Ledgett, Coates and Rogers, who testified that they were not pressurized by the Trump Administration officials.

The interviews are the first official functions of the special counsel’s new team of investigators.

Trump Supporters

Only one Republican can be credited for speaking out.  RNC national chairwoman Rona McDaniel is calling for an end to all of these blatant partisan exercises quickly, noting that Mueller has proven that he is incapable of being truly independent.

Other than the American people, there are very few media people who are supporting Trump.  Sean Hannity has called for Rosenstein and Mueller to recuse themselves or resign.  Lou Dobbs and Limbaugh both support our President and know the left is foaming at the mouth to destroy Trump.

Newt Gingrich said the investigation into collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russian interests is a partisan “witch hunt” by top Democrats.  “It’s a totally one-sided witch hunt spurred on by the liberal media… and shrill partisanship of Schumer and Pelosi,” he said.

We need Rudy Giuliani, where is he, and where the hell is the White House Offensive?

Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller have a different agenda.  They don’t share the beliefs of the President and are determined to undermine the will of the American people who elected him.  The swamp is not being drained, new areas are being developed and built, it’s expanding.

And it’s being done by the insiders of the Deep State.

P.S. If you have questions, email me at Proverbs133@bellsouth.net

Support our President-Contact Congress, tell them to fight!

Email: – https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

The White House phone number – (202) 456-1111

Republican’s are AWAL on standing up for our president that’s doing his best to create jobs and protect America. Shame on them!

Capitol Switchboard for your Senators and representatives (202)-224-3121

If you don’t know your representatives, go to who is my representative.com and enter your zip code or state.

Does McCain Owe a Mea Culpa to POWs and MIAs?


It’s the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.” “It disqualifies him as a presidential candidate.” “This is the end of his run.” So crowed the political operatives looking to take down Mr. Trump, and by so doing, protect the political status quo and ease themselves into positions of greater power. The egos in the anchor’s chair and the pundits opposite chimed in: “He’ll make the more serious candidates look more serious,” predicted the next Michael Oakeshott and favorite imbecile, S. E. Cupp.

The Donald is in the dock for desecrating one of the political establishment’s most sacred cows: Sen. John McCain. Speaking at a forum in Iowa, the popular presidential hopeful said these sagacious things about the Republican from Arizona:

“[McCain’s] not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay?” (On the same occasion, Trump ventured that he was not particularly for the Vietnam War, a position that should endear him to principled libertarians.)

Not only does Donald Trump not owe Sen. McCain an apology; McCain likely owes mea culpa to Trump—and to the very many Vietnam veterans and their families whom he is alleged to have betrayed.

Yes, the heroic prisoner-of-war pedigree upon which McCain has established his career and credibility is probably a myth.

For our purposes, the story begins with Sydney Schanberg, back in the days before American journalism became a circle jerk of power brokers.

Mr. Schanberg is one of “America’s most eminent journalists.” “For his accounts of the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge in 1975,” Schanberg “was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting ‘at great risk.’ He is also the recipient of many other awards–including two George Polk awards, two Overseas Press Club awards and the Sigma Delta Chi prize for distinguished journalism.” Schanberg’s byline at The Nation magazine further reveals that:

The 1984 movie, The Killing Fields [watch it!], which won several Academy Awards, was based on his book ‘The Death and Life of Dith Pran’–a memoir of his experiences covering the war in Cambodia for the New York Times and of his relationship with his Cambodian colleague, Dith Pran.

Schanberg is also the author of a “remarkable 8,000-word exposé”: “McCain and the POW Cover-Up.” Here follow the opening paragraphs. They provide a précis of the forensic evidence collected by Schanberg against McCain as ally of Vietnam War POWs and men missing inaction:

John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero people would logically imagine to be a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books. …

… The sum of the secrets McCain has sought to hide is not small. There exists a telling mass of official documents, radio intercepts, witness depositions, satellite photos of rescue symbols that pilots were trained to use, electronic messages from the ground containing the individual code numbers given to airmen, a rescue mission by a Special Forces unit that was aborted twice by Washington and even sworn testimony by two defense secretaries that “men were left behind.” This imposing body of evidence suggests that a large number–probably hundreds–of the US prisoners held in Vietnam were not returned when the peace treaty was signed in January 1973 and Hanoi released 591 men, among them Navy combat pilot John S. McCain.

The Pentagon had been withholding significant information from POW families for years. What’s more, the Pentagon’s POW/MIA operation had been publicly shamed by internal whistleblowers and POW families for holding back documents as part of a policy of “debunking” POW intelligence even when the information was obviously credible. The pressure from the families and Vietnam veterans finally produced the creation, in late 1991, of a Senate “Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs.” The chair was John Kerry, but McCain, as a POW, was its most pivotal member. In the end, the committee became part of the debunking machine. …

The tale that has more twists than a serpent’s tail would be incomplete without mentioning another newsman, Ron Unz. First in his capacity as publisher of The American Conservative (July 1, 2010 cover story), and currently as editor-in-chief of The Unz Review—Mr. Unz has kept Schanberg’s voluminously sourced and criminally underexposed exposé alive in the alternative (intelligent) media.

Schanberg’s own journalistic and military man’s instincts were first piqued when “military officers [he] knew from that conflict began coming to [him] with maps and POW sightings and depositions by Vietnamese witnesses.”

Having served “in the Army in Germany during the Cold War and witnessing combat firsthand as a reporter in India and Indochina,” Schanberg had “great respect for those who fight for their country.” To my mind,” he explained, “we dishonored U.S. troops when our government failed to bring them home from Vietnam after the 591 others were released—and then claimed they didn’t exist. And politicians dishonor themselves when they pay lip service to the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers only to leave untold numbers behind, rationalizing to themselves that it’s merely one of the unfortunate costs of war.”

The man is clearly not an intemperate sort. Some would say that to knowingly leave servicemen behind in the service of political ambition is treason.

Despite his position “as one of the highest-ranking editors at the New York Times,” Schanberg was forced to unmask Hanoi John, on September 18, 2008, in The Nation magazine. He recounts: “I took the data to the appropriate desks [at the New York Times] and suggested it was material worth pursuing. There were no takers.”

In the war-hero department, McCain is manifestly more beloved by the bien pensant elites than his “Democratic counterpart,” Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient Democrat Bob Kerrey. While not a “single mention of McCain’s role in burying information about POWs” is to be found in the annals of the NYT; the paper of record—“a compliment [rightly] used these days as a cudgel”—took upon itself to expose (in its magazine) Bob Kerrey for having “ordered his men to massacre over a dozen innocent Vietnamese civilians—women, children, and infants,” in February of 1969.

McMussolini’s more recent record of devastation is an organic extension of his mythologized past:

“John McCain the politician,” wrote Trump in a USA Today editorial, “has made America less safe, sent our brave soldiers into wrong-headed foreign adventures, covered up for President Obama with the VA scandal and has spent most of his time in the Senate pushing amnesty. He would rather protect the Iraqi border than Arizona’s.”

Were Donald to dig deeper, he’d discover that McCain as champion of prisoners-of-war and men missing-in-action is as dubious as “John McCain the politician.”

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    1. “Yes, the heroic prisoner-of-war pedigree upon which McCain has established his career and credibility is probably a myth.”

      With all due respect to Mr. Schanberg, who deserves our great respect for his journalistic accomplishments, I believe a distinction should be drawn between two separate issues: (1) the myth (as you correctly put it) of John McCain as “war hero” for getting shot down and serving 5-1/2 years as a POW and (2) McCain’s later efforts to suppress the search for POWs left behind.

      I believe Mr. Schanberg would be the first to admit that he was not the first to expose the first fact, the myth of McCain as a “war hero.” Most of that credit must go to the late, decorated war veteran Col. David Hackworth who posted a piece back in early 2000, when McCain first sought the Republican nomination for President, exposing the contradiction between McCain’s first person account in a 1973 U.S. News article and his Silver Star citation, which are contradictory. [ If I read Hackworth ‘s contention back in 2000, I must have read a second hand account in the NYTimes or WSJournal because my computer was only capable of using dial-up internet and, as a result, I was doing little searching on the internet. It was a year or two later when I bought a new, more powerful computer which allowed me to subscribe to broadband, and that permitted me to scroll the internet with much greater ease and to post on message boards, starting with Yahoo Finance. By 2008, when McCain was running for President, I rediscovered Hackworth’s 2000 piece and first read Schanberg’s 2008 article and read for the first time the reposted 1973 U.S. News account, all online.]

      Now, there might have been others who raised the same issue before Hackworth, but I am not aware of any. Long before my 2008 discoveries, I held the opinion that McCain’s “hero status” was exaggerated, but I had no hard facts on which to base my opinion. (Based upon his accusations, Trump appears to be in the same position as I before 2008. He has simply questioned whether merely serving as a POW entitles you to “war hero” status without something else, as in the case of Adm. James Stockdale.) Reading Hackworth’s 2000 account in 2008 and reading the 1973 U.S. News account in 2008 for the first time gave me plenty of facts to substantiate my earlier opinion. (Schanberg’s 2008 article contains several paragraphs raising questions about McCain’s “unheroic” behavior as a POW, which undercut completely McCain’s Silver Star citation, but I am not in a position to say whether he was revealing anything new at that time.)

      Mr. Schanberg’s revelation in 2008 was completely different. He revealed that, while pretending to be working on behalf of POW families, McCain was actually working behind the scenes to suppress and keep hidden the undeniable fact that we knowingly left behind POWs in North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The only connection between fact #1 and fact #2 is that fact #2 offers an explanation or motivation for McCain’s deliberate attempt to suppress the release of information re retained POWs which was McCain’s fear that any such release would also result in release of records pertaining to McCain and would endanger his long cultivated status as a “war hero.”

      Don’t get me wrong. I think fact #1 and fact #2 are both important, but each can stand alone without the other to paint John McCain as a contemptible man and a complete phony.



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    1. I had a neighbor from Vietnam. This person mentioned that their relatives said that they have seen these POW. They were described as “thin.” Perhaps being a compromised person is why McCain is such a sellout on every issue. I think Donald Trump should use his vast resources and find out the truth. It can be a rallying cry, “bring our boys home!”



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    1. Does McCain Owe a Mea Culpa to POWs & MIAs? | Cloak And Dagger


      Website Show Comment

      […] http://www.unz.com/imercer/does-mccain-owe-a-mea-culpa-to-pows-mias/ […]


      More… This Commenter Display All Comments

    1. You forgot a few small items; not least Donald Trump being a social moron. That said, it’s nice to see McCain exposed for the fraud and liar he is, not to mention recalling his photo ops with known neo-nazis and al qaida:




      So, why does ‘the donald’ ‘duck’ these stellar McCain moments? Because he has no problem with McCain’s nazi allies in Ukraine considering Trumps hard-on for Putin?


      Or, in the case of the senile war-monger McCain’s dentu-creme smiles with al-Qaida affiliated kidnappers in Syria … where’s ‘the donald’ on that bs?

      But what’s most amazing is, it would require America’s most egotistical chauvinist to finally call serious attention to America’s most senile war-monger on his phony hero status –

      Will the real Trump please stand up? Oh, I think he just did:






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    1. On the other hand, Sydney Schamberg is an apologist for the complete destruction of Vietnam by the US Government, and the McCain MIA cover up conspiracy retroactively justifies the complete destruction of Vietnam by the US Government.

      Perhaps Sydney Schamberg should be denounced as a WAR CRIMINAL!!!

      The US Military destroyed Cambadia. Not a word out of Schamberg about this.

      There is a direct line from WAR CRIMINAL Sydney Schamberg to WAR CRIMINAL Samantha Powers.


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    1. Boy howdy, but articles about McCain sure do bring out the wackadoodles in the Comments section.



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    1. RTW I like your equal opp bashing a great deal (LOL). You must agree though, that all souls are flawed, in one way or the other. The key probably, is to search for a small set of really important values the candidate must have. In that regard, the Donald very likely, fits the bill.



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    1. This so far uncluttered thread may be the place to ask Ron Unz to follow up on his exposures of MSM inadequacy through his own work snd that of others by analysing the causes of the decline over the last few decades. And what might be done about it.

      I recently rang the principal environment reporter of a big city broadsheet-turned-tabloid with a story of self interested wrongdoing that would have been leapt upon and given a splash not many years ago. Nothing doing this time and the reason seems obvious. Newspapers have been shedding staff in large numbers and simply can’t or won’t afford serious journalism.

      The Wall Street Journal and Murdoch’s “Australian” broadsheet (the only one left in Australia) are not restricted by pennypinching and the same is probably true of the Guardian in the UK because it is supported by a charitable trust.

      Is there scope perhaps for crowd sourcing the funds to keep a subidised serious newspaper going?


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    1. Trump’s remarks re McCain were nuanced enough and accurate enough to get noticed and reinforced by the MSM without being so complete re McCain’s preferred military associates as to be seen as “punching down, picking on an old and decrepit man, etc..”
      As nice a vivisection of a fraud as I have witnessed in many years. Well at least since Rudy Giuliani vivisected himself in the republican debates a few years back.
      Somehow that “misogynist” keeps getting the 10s of the world to schtup with. The non 10s at Jezebel suffer the envy pangs of the lonely cat ladies to be.
      Cher was beautiful, she might want to have her lawyers talk to the skin butcher who has been working her over.


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    1. Has any solder gotten more positive acclaim from being a prisoner of war then John McCain? He almost rode it to the pinnacle of power.

      What is most disconcerting is that he has a flawed character – he is not a good guy – as a young man he was a hot dog spoiled brat – an admiral’s privileged son. His grandfather and father where both very high ranking admirals. He quit the Navy only because they were not going to make him an admiral. The Navy knew him.

      So we got him – how screwed up is that? Because he supports Israel – we can thank the Zionist Jew controlled media for the none disclosure of his bad character. If you have power and support Israel, you can get away with almost anything. They will not report or make a story of your bad side or actions.



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    1. “I believe Mr. Schanberg would be the first to admit that he was not the first to expose the first fact, the myth of McCain as a “war hero.” Most of that credit must go to the late, decorated war veteran Col. David Hackworth who posted a piece back in early 2000. . . .”

      Apparently, Col. Hackworth was not the first to question McCain’s “hero status.” I came across a lengthy article in the Phoenix New Times dated March 25, 1999, which predates Col. Hackworth’s 2000 piece by nearly a year.


      It must be kept in mind that McCain’s first person account in U.S. News appeared back in 1973, just as the country was becoming consumed by the Watergate scandal. I didn’t get around to reading McCain’s account until 2008 (25 years later), but apparently others, especially Vietnam veterans and families of Vietnam POWs, read the article with great interest and concluded that McCain’s account didn’t add up to hero status. There must have been an underground railroad of sorts that must of us were unaware of, exchanging information among themselves dealing with McCain’s POW experience, much like the samzidats in the Soviet Union before its collapse. Also keep in mind that then the internet had not exploded as a means of communication, as it would do starting in the early 2000′s. Most of this remained under most people’s radar until the 2000 Presidential contest loomed and McCain was a contender. That would explain the timing of the 1999 Phoenix New Times piece. I know there are numerous “New Times” alternative papers (now mostly online) around the country. We have a couple in South Florida where I live, and I have often read their pieces, which cover subjects of local or regional interest not covered in depth by the MSM newspapers. I don’t know how much coverage the Phoenix New Times article received beyond Phoenix and Arizona, but I am certain it was brought to Col. Hackworth’s attention. Col. Hackworth occupied a much different place than the New Times. Because of his reputation, he commanded a national platform, and that was the importance of his 2000 piece on McCain: not that he was the first to address the issue but that he brought the matter out from the shadows and to the attention of a national audience about to choose a new President. (His piece also had the great advantage of being more concise and much better written, boiling the case against McCain’s “hero status” down to its essence.)


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    1. “What is most disconcerting is that he has a flawed character – he is not a good guy – as a young man he was a hot dog spoiled brat – an admiral’s privileged son. His grandfather and father where both very high ranking admirals. He quit the Navy only because they were not going to make him an admiral. The Navy knew him.”

      Art, in the Phoenix New Times piece I posted above, there is a part which confirms how spoiled and even delusional McCane is. Keep in mind that McCain graduated fifth from the bottom of his 800+ member class at the Naval Academy, and, despite that, he received a coveted posting flying planes for the Navy, an honor usually reserved for those graduating much higher than McCain, and, during his career in the Navy, he lost five planes (including the one shot down over North Vietnam), mostly due to his own carelessness. (I just wonder how many other Navy officers were allowed to continue flying after losing four planes.)

      While being held as a POW, McCain met a number of visitors, including the following:

      “McCain was asked to meet with a “visitor” who turned out to be Dr. Fernando Barral, a Spanish psychiatrist living in Cuba. The interview took place at the Committee for Foreign Cultural Relations in Hanoi. Barral describes the setting, which included a spread of oranges, cakes, coffee and cigarettes. An account of Barral’s interview with McCain was published in the Cuban periodical Granma on January 24, 1970.

      Barral and McCain talked about a variety of subjects, according to Granma. McCain praised his treatment by the North Vietnamese, spoke of his wife and of his family: “One of my forebears was a colonel in Washington’s independent forces. Another was a general in the war of secession. Thus it was natural for me to follow a military career. Of course my father was not always an admiral; during World War II he was commander of a submarine. He [referring to his father] has been in the navy since 1927 and has been an admiral since 1965. He holds the highest rank in the navy. If I had not been downed, I would have become an admiral at an earlier age than my father.” ”

      I find it astounding that someone with his mediocre record as a student and a pilot could even dream he was going to become an admiral. Talk about a sense of entitlement.




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    1. Sang like bird to get the comfy pillows.

      Real heros are usually never heard from.


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    1. RTW I like your equal opp bashing a great deal (LOL)

      You should see the one I left at Fred Reed’s most recent (talk about flawed souls!)

      If nothing else, Trump isn’t afraid to shoot from the hip. Last time around he had too thin a skin and dropped out (could dish it out but not take it) .. we’ll see how he does this time, maybe he’s been to therapy.

      I like picking on the right, it’s more entertaining, the left is like dipping into a fungal ooze –


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    1. Ten years ago I read a different account of the USS Forrestal incident. I do not know if it is true or not.

      McCain was in line to take off from the Forrestal with other planes behind him. There is something you can do to the engines that cause them to backfire, scarring the guy behind you. The story is that McCain did that and as a result the guy behind him inadvertently dropped a bomb on the carrier deck. Seventy people died as a result. The story also said, that night McCain was transferred to another ship because his crew members wanted to kill him.



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    1. I think Donald Trump should use his vast resources and find out the truth.

      Not if he is serious about running for President. There is no way to score points on this. There are already too many people that don’t like Trump over this, don’t add to the list. Attack McCain on the fact that he is so in love with his “maverick” persona that he will tell any lie to stay in power like when he told people in Arizona that he “would build the damn fence already” and immediately became an amnesty monger when he was sworn in.


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    1. I really am in no position to say anything about the Forrestal incident, but your story is very disturbing if true. Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt on the Forrestal incident, the other three plane incidents are disturbing enough to make you wonder about this guy’s judgment, especially the incident in Spain where it seems to be indisputable that he was attempting a stunt of flying under the electrical power lines in order to show off and lacked the flying ability to pull it off. Had he pulled it off and you were aware of the incident, you would still have to question his judgment for even daring such a maneuver. Had his father not been such a high ranking admiral, I am sure he would have been kicked out of the Navy. Long before I became aware of his dreadful flying record, I had serious reservations about his foreign policy record, especially after he became a Senator, and his record on certain domestic issues.



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    1. @Art

      FactCheck (dot) org and LA Times have good write-ups on McCain’s mishaps.
      Google McCain flying career.


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    1. Donald Trump Pledges Loyalty to Israel


      Website Show Comment

      […] http://www.unz.com/imercer/does-mccain-owe-a-mea-culpa-to-pows-mias/ […]


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    1. Trump right about ‘Hanoi John’ John McCain:


      John McCain: War Hero or Something Less?:


      McCain and the POW Cover-Up:


      Vietnam Veterans against John McCain:


      John McCain, Sydney Schanberg, New Columnists. and New Columnist Software:


      Traitor John McCain betrayed USS Liberty Veterans too:



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    1. sure do bring out the wackadoodles in the

      Not all of them are in the comments section.

    2. Slightly off topic, but – let’s suppose there is for example, American POWs still being held in Vietnam – (I’m not saying there isn’t but for the sake of my question) These guys would be fairly old now. Of what use would they be to the Vietnamese? What strategic interest (if any?) does the current Vietnamese government have by still holding them prisoner? Why not just release them? I don’t know for sure, but I remember hearing years ago that French prisoners of year were later released by the Vietnamese, if they wanted to, they were permitted to stay in Vietnam and even marry…don’t know the accuracy of this, what do others think?



      More… This Commenter This Thread Hide Thread Display All Comments

    1. I believe I read somewhere (earlier in this thread or another thread) that the Vietnamese held on to those POWs as security for the promised U.S. “reparations.” Those Nixon and Kissinger promises met a cold reception in Congress, and, once they realized no reparations would be forthcoming, the Vietnamese killed the remaining POWs since there was nothing to trade them for.

      Another thought that suddenly occurred to me involved McCain’s admissions in U.S. News back in 1973, two months after being released as a POW, that he offered his captors military intelligence in order to get needed hospital care. (Something I might have done myself under the circumstances. I am not faulting McCain for his action, even though it was in violation of the military code at the time, but his elevation to “hero status” following his release.) Admissions against interest are presumed to be honest. I just found it odd that he would be so forthcoming in an interview in a publication with a fairly wide circulation. I don’t know why the light bulb didn’t go off sooner, but it suddenly occurred to me that the reason he could be so forthcoming with U.S. News is that his interview tracked with what he had already told the Navy in his debriefing. His story initially was the same both to the Navy and U.S. News. So someone must have made the subsequent decision to alter the story line and invent the torture for the first two months of his captivity to justify the Silver Star, which is contrary to his account in U.S. News that he was in the hospital at the time being treated for his injuries, without any mention of torture.



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    1. Camile Paglia has a three-part interview over at Salon this week and has a lot of interesting things to say. You may not agree with her politics, but she is clearly a very intelligent person with a great knowledge of world history.

      This is a relevant segment from Part 2 of the interview pertaining to The Donald and his controversial opinion of McCain:

      “So far this year, I’m happy with what Trump has done, because he’s totally blown up the media! All of a sudden, “BOOM!” That lack of caution and shooting from the hip. He’s not a president, of course. He’s not remotely a president. He has no political skills of any kind. He’s simply an American citizen who is creating his own bully pulpit. He speaks in the great populist way, in the slangy vernacular. He takes hits like a comedian–and to me he’s more of a comedian than Jon Stewart is! Like claiming John McCain isn’t a war hero, because his kind of war hero doesn’t get captured–that’s hilarious! That’s like something crass that Lenny Bruce might have said! It’s so startling and entertaining.” [Note: I wish she had added “and true.”]


      She’s a liberal who criticizes liberals for their closed-mindedness, a proclaimed atheist who expresses respect for religion, a feminist who shows great understanding and respect for men. A very interesting woman imho who feels free to tell it like it is as she sees it.



      More… This Commenter This Thread Hide Thread Display All Comments

    1. ” but it suddenly occurred to me that the reason he could be so forthcoming with U.S. News is that his interview tracked with what he had already told the Navy in his debriefing. ”

      I should have added the word “probably” before “tracked” to make it clear that I am speculating about what he told the Navy. We are all forced to speculate since that debriefing report has not been made public and McCain has done his best to suppress the release of that document and most other relevant documents pertaining to his years as a POW. Sort of like Tom Brady junking his cellphone to destroy evidence of his emails pertaining to “Deflategate.” I believe some prominent Republican back in the 70′s suggested that Nixon should have had a bonfire on the White House lawn to destroy his collection of secret Oval Office recordings. Had he done so, he might have survived in office because it was the release of those recordings which guaranteed his exit.


      More… This Commenter This Thread Hide Thread Display All Comments

    1. Paglia said that some of her favorite listening is sports talk radio because of the way men talk to other men when they are having a conversation. She likes the way they can rag on each other without starting to cry every time somebody doesn’t agree with them.


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The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
Hundreds of POWs may have been left to die in Vietnam, abandoned by their government—and our media.
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Confederate Flag Day, State Capitol, Raleigh, N.C. — March 3, 2007
Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?

Pentagon Should Declassify Report On ‘Child Sex Abuse’ by Afghan Forces – Gov Watchdog

Pentagon Should Declassify Report On ‘Child Sex Abuse’ by Afghan Forces – Gov Watchdog

Confirmation of reports could precipitate military withdrawal from Afghanistan

However, the Department of Defense (DoD) “classified much of the information on which the SIGAR report is based.” The watchdog thus urged the DoD to declassify the report “so that it can be released to the public.”

“Under the Leahy Laws, DoD and State are prohibited from providing assistance to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretaries of State or Defense have credible information that the unit has committed a gross violation of human rights,” the watchdog said.

According to SIGAR, Afghan officials remain complicit, “especially in the sexual exploitation and recruitment of children by Afghan security forces.”

“Victim-protection efforts remained inadequate, as all but one government-run shelter for trafficking victims remained closed during the reporting period.”

In addition, the authority accuses the Afghan government of failing to develop or employ “standard operating procedures for victim identification or for referral of victims to rehabilitation services.”

The situation often “resulted in the government’s arrest and prosecution of trafficking victims as criminals,” it added.

Back in 2015, reports emerged that US troops stationed in Afghanistan had discovered local commanders were sexually abusing boys, and even though the soldiers had often heard the boys screaming, senior officers had told them to ignore it.

What the soldiers described resembled ‘Bacha bazi,’ an illegal Afghan practice that involves the sexual abuse of prepubescent and adolescent boys.

However, the Pentagon denied that it had ever instructed soldiers to look the other way when Afghan Army commanders were abusing young boys.

In 2016, the DoD inspector general started an investigation into how US military officials responded to reports that members of Afghan security and police forces engaged in the sexual abuse of young boys. The allegations raise “serious questions about international, US, and Department of Defense (DoD) law or policy related to child sexual abuse by [Afghan security personnel],” Kenneth Moorefield, the DoD deputy inspector general for special plans and operations, said at that time.

However, no complete report has been released from the DoD since.

BUCHANAN: Shall We Fight Them All?

BUCHANAN: Shall We Fight Them All?

Government military complex still seeking conflict around globe

Unless we believe Kim is a suicidal madman, his goal seems clear. He wants what every nuclear power wants — the ability to strike his enemy’s homeland with horrific impact, in order to deter that enemy.

Kim wants his regime recognized and respected, and the U.S., which carpet-bombed the North from 1950-1953, out of Korea.

Where does this leave us? Says Cliff Kupchan of the Eurasia Group, “The U.S. is on the verge of a binary choice: either accept North Korea into the nuclear club or conduct a military strike that would entail enormous civilian casualties.”

Read more

Roger Stone: Seth Rich Was Partying With Imran Awan on the Night of His Murder

Roger Stone: Seth Rich Was Partying With Imran Awan on the Night of His Murder

Trump confidante claims link between DNC staffer’s death and disgraced Wasserman Schultz aide

Awan reportedly possessed the password to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad when the DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks.

Despite the mainstream media continually insisting – with no evidence – that Russia was responsible for the DNC leak – Julian Assange appeared to indicate that the source was Seth Rich during an appearance on Dutch television.

Hard drives recovered from Awan’s home were found to be smashed up with a hammer. Wasserman Schultz later threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” for holding equipment related to the investigation into Awan.

Awan, who got paid 3 times the average Congressional I.T. employee salary, was arrested at Dulles airport after wiring $300,000 to Pakistan and attempting to flee the country.

According to Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Awan was working with and wiring money to the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist organization that is allied with terrorist groups and advocates Shariah law.

Meanwhile in a related development, a lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler claims that, “The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story” about the murder of Seth Rich.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

Why Did Hillary Send Mueller to Moscow with Uranium in 2009? by Jerome Corsi

Why Did Hillary Send Mueller to Moscow with Uranium in 2009?

Mueller’s secret mission to Russia coincided with Clinton efforts to sell 20% of US uranium to Kremlin

Particularly troubling in Clinton’s diplomatic cable of Aug. 17, 2009, detailing Mueller’s clandestine mission is the detail that appropriate arrangements “need to be made to ensure the transfer of the material is conducted at the airport, plane-side, upon the arrival of the Director’s [Mueller’s] aircraft.”

Why after flying from Washington, D.C., to Moscow would Mueller need to transfer on the tarmac to a “responsible Russian law enforcement authority” a 10-gram sample of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) seized in the Georgia sting, instead of arranging a formal transfer of the HEU at a Russian government agency, where Mueller could engage in substantive discussion over the incident with Russian authorities?

Yet, Clinton’s State Department cable clearly states, “We require that the transfer of this material be conducted at the airport, on the tarmac near by the plane, upon arrival of the director’s aircraft.”

The cable also makes clear that Russian government authorities had expressed “reluctance to act so far,” as if Russia was so uninterested in retrieving this small sample of purloined HEU that Russia “did not respond” to suggestions made by United States government that Russian authorities should pick up the sample in the United States.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007, at 12:44 a.m. GMT, Associated Press Desmond Butler was the first to report on the CIA sting and theft of HEU in the Republic of Georgia that had actually occurred a year earlier, in January 2006.

“Republic of Georgia authorities, aided by the CIA, set up a sting operation last summer that led to the arrest of a Russian man who tried to sell a small amount of nuclear-bomb grade uranium in a plastic bag in his jacket pocket, U.S. and Georgian officials said,” the AP reported.

The AP further acknowledged the FBI and the U.S. Department of Energy had provided details of the investigation to the AP, along with Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili.

“Authorities say they do not know how the man acquired the nuclear material or if his claims of access to much larger quantities were true,” the AP report continued. “He and three Georgian accomplices are in Georgian custody and not cooperating with investigators.”

The AP report also included the following details about the 2007 sting operation:

  • “The sting was set up after Georgian authorities uncovered extensive smuggling networks while investigating criminal groups operating in the breakaway republics, Merabishvili said.
  • “‘When we sent buyers, the channels through Abkhazia and South Ossetia began to expand and we started seeing a huge flow of materials,” he said. “Sometimes it was low-grade enriched materials, but this was the first instance of highly enriched material.’
  • “According to his account, during an investigation in South Ossetia, a Georgian undercover agent posing as a rich foreign buyer made contact with the Russian seller in North Ossetia, which is part of Russia.
  • “After the Russian offered to sell the sample, the agent rebuffed requests that the transaction occur in North Ossetia, insisting the Russian come to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.
  • “At a meeting in Tbilisi, the man pulled out from his pocket a plastic bag containing the material. Uranium has a low level of radioactive emission and can be transported more safely than other radioactive materials.
  • “The man was arrested and sentenced to eight to 10 years in prison on smuggling charges. His accomplices were sentenced on lesser charges.”
  • Russian authorities took a sample of the material but failed to offer any assistance despite requests for help from the Georgians, Merabishvili said.

The AP further noted the CIA “declined to comment on the case, while FBI spokesman Richard Kolko confirmed that the FBI was involved in the investigation and called it a success, but would not provide details.”

In a second report dated Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007, 8:32 p.m. GMT, the Associated Press reported that officials from the Russian government-owned energy giant, Rosatom, and Russian Federal Security Service agents attended an interrogation of the detained suspect, identified as Oleg Khinsagov, a resident of Vladikavkav in North Ossetia, a region of Russia that borders Georgia, “and were given a small sample of the nuclear material, the Rosatom official said, according to Interfax.”

If Russia had a sample of the stolen HEU in question in 2007, why were Secretary of State Clinton and FBI Director Mueller so determined to have Mueller fly to Russia in a secret mission in September 2009 to deliver Russia a sample of the purloined HEU that Russia already possessed?

 In January 2007, the AP was puzzled at why the incident had gone unreported for a year.

“Anton Khlopkov, deputy director of Moscow’s PIR Center, which specializes in nonproliferation issues, noted that the quantity seized was reported to be small a fraction of what was needed to make a nuclear weapon. He also said it was not certain if it came from Russia,” the AP noted.

“‘Why was this information released now? It looks like an attempt, by Georgia or the United States, to build up an image of Russia as a nuclear market,’ Khlopkov said. ‘Georgia wants to get political capital out of this.’”

The New York Times, reporting on the incident for the first time in the Late Edition on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007, indicated the Russian, Oleg Khinsagov, “had come to meet a buyer who he believed would pay him $1 million and deliver the material to a Muslim man from ‘a serious organization,’ the authorities say.”

The New York Times also reported a confidential memorandum from the Russian intelligence service, the F.S.B., to the Georgian government said “a detailed analysis had been unable to pinpoint the material’s origins, though it did not rule out the Russian provenance.  It also estimated that the uranium had been processed more than a decade ago.”

Again, if the Russian government in 2007 had already examined a sample of the 2006 HEU from the CIA sting operation in the Republic of Georgia and determined its origin, why did Secretary Clinton and FBI Director Mueller need to fly secretly a 10-gram sample to transfer to Russian authorities on the tarmac in Moscow?

Here is the New York Times account of the 2006 incident:

  • The man trying to sell the uranium, Georgian officials say, was Oleg Khinsagov, a shabbily dressed 50-year-old trader who specialized in fish and sausages.
  • Eventually he came into contact with four Georgians who were already under government surveillance. The four men went to North Ossetia, a neighboring region within Russia, and arranged to smuggle the uranium into Georgia. It was at that point that the Georgian authorities set their trap.
  • They arranged for a Georgian operative who speaks fluent Turkish to meet with the middlemen and tell them he represented a Muslim man from ”a serious organization.” Mr. Khinsagov and several of his cohort entered Georgia in late January 2006, and on Feb. 1 they were arrested in a two-room apartment on the eighth floor of a crumbling Soviet-style building in a lower-class district of Tbilisi.
  • ”We got that 100 grams and put it into a box and were very afraid,” said Mr. Merabishvili, the interior minister. Where the smuggler got the uranium and whether he actually had more remains unclear.
  • The Georgians called for help from American diplomats, who sent in experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Energy, American officials say. Mr. Merabishvili said the Americans shocked them by taking the uranium and simply putting it ”in their pocket.”  Uranium in that form emits little radiation and presents little or no danger to its handlers.
  • When it was analyzed at the Energy Department’s laboratory in the Pacific Northwest, it was found to have a U-235 purity of 89.451 percent, ”suitable for certain types of research reactors, as a source material for medical isotope production, and for military purposes including nuclear weapons.”

Again, in 2009, why Mueller’s clandestine flight to Moscow to deliver the 10-gram uranium sample, when a Department of Energy laboratory report was available to the Obama administration to fax or cable to Moscow?

On Jan. 26, 2007, the Associated Press reported Igor Shkabura, deputy director of the Bochvar Inorganic Materials unit said the sample of uranium seized in the sting operation was weapons-grade, but the sample was too small to determine its origin, according to reports published by Russian news agencies RIA-Novosti and ITAR-Tass.

Again, the report confirmed Russia had samples of the 2006 stolen HEU, raising questions what value a very small 10-gram sample delivered clandestinely to Russia by Mueller nearly four years later would have on advancing the case.

A State Department memo dated June 28, 2009, also released by WikiLeaks, documented the progress Uranium One was making in acquiring uranium rights in Kazakhstan just three months before Mueller’s secret trip to Russia.

The memo documented that on June 15, 2009, Uranium One bought a 50 percent stake in a high-value Kazakhstan uranium holding company that was 50 percent owned by Kazakhstan’s state nuclear company Kazatomprom.

This was the kick-off point for the expansion of Uranium One that Bill Clinton had been engineering with Canadian entrepreneur Frank Guistra since 2005.

Records show that Frank Giustra ultimately contributed $31 million to the Clinton Foundation and that State Department cables released by WikiLeaks that show State Department officials had obtained in the Fall of 2009, an internal Rosatom memo that warned about Moscow’s intentions as it “flexes muscles” in uranium markets.  Despite this warning – a year before the first CIFUS approval – Clinton did not recuse the State Department from the two CIFUS votes that gave Putin control of 20 percent of the uranium mined in the United States.

Then, in October 2010, Secretary Clinton, with the State Department being one of nine agencies on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an interagency committee operating out of Treasury, allowed Rosatom to acquire majority control of Uranium One, effectively given Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of all U.S. uranium, with Hillary Clinton allowing the State Department as a CIFUS member to vote a second time, in 2013, giving Rosatom permission to acquire all remaining shares of Uranium One, with the result nobody but Putin owned 20 percent of all uranium mined in the United States.

For a more comprehensive discussion of the Clinton Foundation scams involving Frank Giustra, Uranium One, and Putin’s Rosatom see: (1) Jerome R. Corsi, Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit (Washington, D.C.: WND Books, Inc., 2016; and (2) Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich (New York: Harper, 2015)

Overwhelming Response to Animal Court Idea

by Rev. Austin Miles

The heavy response to my current story about the cat killer was instant. The story regarded a maniac who cruelly killed 18 cats for the sick “thrill” of killing them.  These were more than cats. These gentle animals were beloved PETS, totally loved by their owners. The mental case who killed them was identified, arrested, put on trial, and was sentenced to 16 years in prison for his dastardly deeds.

In that story, which you can see at this link:  http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/miles/170730, it was suggested that it is time to have a specialized court  (which are in existence for particular types of cases)– this one to deal with animal abuse cases.  From the first publication as it went on the wire, the responses were immediate.  Responses came to my in-box, and to the papers that carried the story. All were in favor of establishing animal courts which will also make the public more aware of all creatures.

In the initial story I did not include who to contact to make this happen because at that moment I did not know. Then I received an email from a faithful reader, Richard Firth from the State of Virginia, who helped me with another story by giving me the inside address of a D.C. Official I needed to contact. I heard from him immediately with the information to make this legislation happen. Here is his note: For his protection we did not include Mr. Firth’s exact city of residence or his home address or email contact.

From: Richard Firth
To: Austin Miles <chaplainmiles@aol.com>
Sent: Mon, Jul 31, 2017 7:31 am
Subject: Your Article about Special Courts set up to Deal with animal abuse cases

Dear Rev Austin:

I am sorry to be late in getting around to respond to your caring article about animals and the reason is you didn’t tell who to contact in regards to the setting up of such courts.  I did check it out with my State Attorney’s General office and the reply which I thought it would be is to contact your state legislators so they can introduce such legislation in your state.

I also talked with the Assistant Attorney General, a beautiful lady, Michelle Welch. who loves animals and loves to prosecute those who abuse animals and she said she would like a copy of your article which I just sent her which would help her in the matter should legal problems arise and could advise us how her office would be handling those matters.  So I will start contacting my state legislators to introduce such legislation and send you a copy.

I have already posted your article on line and plan to submit a few more and send you copies as well,  My first posting failed to include who to contact which I will also address.

Pray for 118 beagles our local VA administration wants to kill for medical research.  That’s another area where millions of animals are killed and some in the most ruthless way possible, plus many of these experiments are not necessary and a WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY. WhiteCoatWasteProject is leading the issue here at our VA hospital and Congressmen in DC voted unanimously voted in favor of a bill cutting off money for most of the experiments.  It now goes to the U. S. Senate for passage.

Maybe you could do a series of the horrible fate that awaits many animals, just as gruesome as any other method of killing animals.

God bless your work for ALL his creatures, including mankind.

Richard W. Firth

Of course I am upset that they plan to use 118 beagles for medical research. We must all write our senators to NOT grant the funding for this ‘project.’ And here is another letter Mr. Firth wrote urging his representatives to back the legislation to establish these animal courts. The letter is similar to other officials he wrote about this issue. You can do the same.

Senator Ryan McDougle

State Capitol

Richmond, VA

Dear Senator McDougle

Could you please introduce the legislation this writer talks about in his article concerning cruelty to animals, excerpts from which now follow:

“A mental case living in San Jose, Robert Farmer, was just sentenced to 16 years in jail for incredible cruelty to cats, having tortured and dismembered 21 cats he had abducted on the streets including the yards of the homes they lived in. Eighteen of the 21 abducted cats died from their horrific injuries at the hands of Farmer who took perverted pleasure in hearing the animals screaming in agony” and this preacher who despises the mistreatment of animals See his article and he wants something done about such cases by clicking this link:

What he wants done to correct the situation is to set up special courts to deal with such abuses. Here are his words about wanting to establish such courts.

 We can set up specialized courts to handle any animal abuse cases. They would handle other cases as well but for any animal abuse case, this would be the court to handle it. We must recognize animals as beings created by God who have the same feelings we have….feelings of pain, anxiety, fear, love, grief and joy, just as we do. Next time you hit your thumb with a hammer, remember that an animal would feel the same level of pain.

“These courts would be set up in various sections of the country. Readers, will you support this by simply writing backup letters agreeing that such courts would benefit society? Most serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer were cruel to animals as they were growing up. Dahmer even killed and ATE his human victims.”

Please do everything necessary to secure passage of such legislation as too many animal abuse cases lead to abuse on humans and when not prosecuted the perpetrator feels he or she is above the law and can hurt any animal or human he or she chooses to harm.


Richard W. Firth

Readers, now it is time to do your part. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “You can always judge a nation by the way it treats it[s animals.” Animals are God’s creation and it is our profound duty to treat them kindly, humanely and to protect them. Otherwise you will face God’s judgement. You never want to go there. NEVER cause or tolerate mistreatment to ANY of God’s living creatures.


Psychologists say more and more young people are entitled

Psychologists say more and more young people are entitled

Posted a day ago by Greg Evans in news


kids.jpgResearch has discovered that large amounts of young people are developing an entitlement complex.

The psychological trend comes from the belief that you are superior to others and are more deserving of certain things.

This form of narcissism has some significant consequences such as disappointment and a tendency to lash out.

Psychology Today reports that some examples of entitlement range from the disregard of rules, freeloading, causing inconveniences and like to assume the role of leader when working in groups.

So called Millennials, who were born roughly between 1988 and 1994, tend to have this characteristic as a 2016 study found.

The University of Hampshire found that youngsters who were studied on issues of entitlement scored 25 percent higher than people aged 40 to 60 and 50 per cent higher than those over that age bracket.

Dr Joshua Grubbs, who conducted the research, which was published in the Psychological Bulletin is quoted by Spring as saying:

At extreme levels, entitlement is a toxic narcissistic trait, repeatedly exposing people to the risk of feeling frustrated, unhappy and disappointed with life.

Often times, life, health, ageing and the social world don’t treat us as well as we’d like.

Confronting these limitations is especially threatening to an entitled person because it violates their worldview of self-superiority.

The study looked at 170 cases and determined that entitlement leads to a cycle of disappointment, anger, negativity and a constant need for that person to tell themselves that they are special.

Professor Julie Exline, who was also involved in the study added that this system only creates more issues and can lead to problems with other people.

The entire mindset pits someone against other people.

When people think that they should have everything they want — often for nothing — it comes at the cost of relationships with others and, ultimately, their own happiness

In order to break from this mentality experts believe that an individuals should learn to become more humble, more grateful and accept their limitations.

Psychology Today also offers some other alternatives to solving the problem.

These including retrospectively reflecting on annoying incidents from someone else’s perspective, promote others achievements and stop justifying things to yourself that are wrong.

HT Spring Psychology Today Telegraph