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Breaking! Attempted Trump Assassination Caught On Video?

Vehicle unexpectedly drives towards Trump motorcade from the woods

If Korean War Breaks Out, Seoul Will Send Special Forces To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un

South Korea is preparing to send special forces units into Pyongyang

South Korean army soldiers during the annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise
Meanwhile, this is what a “hot” war attack by Pyongyang could look like from the South Korean perspective:

  • In the event of a conventional conflict breaking out on the Korean Peninsula, North Korean artillery is expected to bombard the South’s defences along the Demilitarised Zone as well as shelling Seoul, which is less than 50 miles south of the border.
  • Massed tanks and infantry units, assisted by saboteurs and agents already in the South, would attempt to swiftly seize Seoul and other key cities and facilities in South Korea before the United States and, potentially, other allied nations could land reinforcements.

In retaliation, under the existing US-South Korean plan for the defence of the South, known as OPLAN 5015, the two nations would aim to bring their overwhelming air and naval superiority to bear from bases in South Korea and Japan, as well as aircraft carriers in the western Pacific, although it would take weeks before large-scale reinforcements, including heavy tanks and other equipment, could be landed.
Furthermore,as the following naval map as of August 24 shows, in practical terms there is no carrier support around the Korea penninsula, so at least one aspect of the theoretical plan is currently impossible.

The new South Korean plan will identify more than 1,000 primary targets in North Korea to be eliminated by missiles and laser-guided munitions – including nuclear weapons and missile launch facilities – at the same time as the conventional attack is halted.

South Korea’s F-15K jets drop bombs during training at Taebaek Pilsung Range
Additionally, the military has been tasked with training special forces units that could be infiltrated into Pyongyang in order to target key members of the regime, including Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, in order to bring about a more rapid conclusion to the fighting. While on paper such a “decapitation” move appears enticing, in reality the retaliation by the crippled NKorean regime against its southern neighbor, especially once it has lost its leader, would likely result in countless casualties and serve as the start of a gruesome regional, if not world, war.

Linda Sarsour Solicits Donations For Leftist Group Under Pretense of ‘Hurricane Relief’

Jihadist uses Harvey to funnel money to radical leftist group

Indiana Teacher Asks First-Graders to Stop Talking About God In Class

Letter home to parents warned other kids might be offended

The Left is Triggered by Hurricane Harvey Because it Proves America Isn’t Racist

The Left is Triggered by Hurricane Harvey Because it Proves America Isn’t Racist

‘Progressives’ furious at images of people of different races helping each other


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With everyone screaming racist, this is what I am seeing. Americans🇺🇸

Even a man with a Confederate flag was helping to save black people.


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The guy with the Confederate flag on his boat is saving everyone. Blacks, whites. Everyone.

In the video below, an African-American and former cop protects his community from looters.

This spontaneous outpouring of community spirit and color-blind resilience has infuriated some on the left because it has completely eviscerated their race-baiting narrative that America is deeply divided, emphasizing how most of that division is being contrived by the media and far-left political movements.

Left-wing Slate writer Katy Waldman, who was first triggered by the photograph below of a white man saving an Asian woman, asserted that “Houston doesn’t showcase America at its best” because….reasons (all of which appear to be pretentious waffling).


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After a backlash, Waldman deleted her tweet and changed the headline of her article.

Meanwhile, Politico chose to respond to the catastrophe by mocking the victims of the hurricane.

They posted a cartoon of a white man wearing a Confederate flag shirt and his daughter being rescued that mocked their faith in God and thanked the government for rescuing them. The image was soon deleted.

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The official Women’s March Twitter account also specifically directed followers to donate to charities to help non-white people.

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The only group to separate victims by color, race or national background . Everybody else is just saving people

“The only group to separate #Harvey victims by color, race or national background . Everybody else is just saving people,” remarked actor James Woods.

The Alt-Left on Twitter has also feverishly expressed their desire to see the catastrophe impact only white people.


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Contrast and compare.
Man saving children
People who effectively have said they wanted those children to die

The usual suspects, outlets like the Root and the Huffington Post, also tried to gloss over the powerful uniting force that the disaster has had by attempting to make it all about race and anti-Trump hysteria.

The fantastic, heartfelt, heroic and color-blind reaction that Hurricane Harvey has elicited has rendered the Alt-Left furious.

Basic authentic reality has once again wrecked their fake moral panic and ruined their frenzied claim that America is on the brink of a race war.

All this is not to say that racism doesn’t still in exist in America, but the notion that Americans are so divided that they are ready to choose sides in a “civil war,” as asserted earlier this week, is patently ridiculous.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


Why Didn’t the US Shoot Down That North Korean Missile?

Why Didn’t the US Shoot Down That North Korean Missile?

By Patrick Tucker August 29, 2017
This image made from video aired by North Korea's KRT on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017 shows a photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspecting soldiers during what Korean Central News Agency called a "target=striking contest" in North Korea.

The military’s record of hitting intermediate-range missiles is less than perfect. That makes the decision to attempt an intercept much harder.

This story has been updated to reflect recent developments overnight.
North Korea launched another medium-range missile on Monday, this one right over Japan. Despite Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ threats to shoot down missiles aimed at Guam and President Donald Trump’s Pyongyang-aimed bluster, the United States and Japan let it fly. Why?  
After the test, Trump on Tuesday said that “all options are on the table,” as every president has said for decades. But the Pentagon is still reluctant to use some of the most obvious options, such as shooting down a missile above the earth’s atmosphere with another missile fired from a ship.
The United States has 33 Aegis warships (three more are slated to arrive next year) that can launch an interceptor to hit a mid- or intermediate-range missile like the Hwasong-12 that North Korea sent over Hokkaido. Sixteen of those warships are currently in the Pacific. 

In February, MDA showed that their newest version of the standard missile, the SM-3 IIAcould hit a mid-range missile. But a second test in June was a failure. The Navy later attributed that to human error. But 50 percent is not a good record for the most advanced intermediate-range interceptor in the U.S. arsenal.
The Obama administration pushed hard for a ship-based defense against mid-range North Korean missiles aimed at Japan or Guam but found that the military has much better chance of hitting missiles that don’t fly so high.
Shooting down an enemy missile aimed at U.S. territory may be good defense, but shooting down a missile test aimed at the sea would be an act of war. Or so argued North Korea.
“Taking a shot at a North Korean missile is not something the U.S. military would do lightly or without a directive to do so,” said Karako. “if we are going to shoot at something, we will do it like we mean it. But there has to be a good reason to do it. That reason might be if there is an actual threat to the U.S., its forces, or our allies. Or it might be if the U.S. or Japan adopts a policy to intercept certain types of missiles or those on certain kinds of trajectory.  But that would have to be a deliberate policy choice.”
The highest probability of success would be to hit the enemy missile closer to the ground, during the so-called boost phase. That’s what MDA is aiming for in the future with laser-armed drones. In July, the agency put out a request for information for a high-altitude long endurance aircraft. Read that to mean a drone that can fly above 63,000 feet for a long time. According to the request, the drone should have enough power for a 140-kw laser. But that program won’t even begin testing until 2023. Until then, and likely even after, every time a missile heads toward Japan, Guam, or anywhere else, military leaders will have to decide whether attempting to shoot down North Korean missiles is worth the costs of possibly missing — or starting a war.

The Reason Joel Osteen Waited to FINALLY Open Lakewood Church to Harvey Evacuees

Joel Osteen Receives Major Backlash After Not Opening Lakewood Church To Houston Flood Victims

Watch How Alleged Houston Looters React When Confronted by Armed Man Claiming to Be Ex-SWAT Deputy

“I will cut your ass in half.”

Watch How Alleged Houston Looters React When Confronted by Armed Man Claiming to Be Ex-SWAT Deputy

A new video purportedly showing Houston looters being chased away by a shotgun-wielding man claiming to be an ex-SWAT deputy was going viral on Wednesday. YouTube user TexasProud uploaded the video on Tuesday, claiming it was a video from her “neighbor” in the comments section.
“It’s a shame. We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live,” the man says in the YouTube video.
Moments later, the man protecting the “Little York Food Mart” yells off-camera:

“I’m telling you one time: I’m not scared to shoot you, I’m an ex-f**king SWAT deputy. I will cut your ass in half.”

The alleged looters supposedly ran away after the warning from the armed man protecting the store.

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Reality is disproving the media’s narrative of division

As the spirit of unity fuels the process to rescue the citizens of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the rest of America continues to be torn apart by rhetoric from the left.