Walnuts for Good Health

* Organic Raw English Walnuts taste much better than conventionally grown!

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ? 

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 7/30/17

This nutty idea could protect your blood vessels

You know what drives me nuts?

When attention-seeking “researchers” slap together a cheap study that makes a quick claim about something and can’t back it up.

You see it all the time. Big headlines about how this, that, or some other thing will save your life… followed by big headlines about how the same things will kill you.

Well, friend, today I’m going to crack open a study that’s FINALLY driving me nuts in all the right ways.

Because this one not only names something that really will protect your heart and cut your risk of serious health problems… but it’s also got the goods on HOW and WHY it works.

It’s the latest research on nuts, specifically walnuts.

I know you’ve seen studies on how nuts can help prevent heart disease. But do they really… or are people who eat them just health nuts already?

All I can say is get out your nutcracker, and get busy – because this one shows it’s not healthier eaters.

It’s the nuts themselves!

The study finds the omega-3 fatty acids and tocopherols in walnuts can protect what’s known as the endothelial layer, which is essentially the street your blood uses to get across town.

When that layer is working well, the blood rushes through like it’s in the express lane.

When it’s all messy, you get one nightmare of a traffic jam – and clogged-up blood flow is what leads to serious and even DEADLY heart and stroke risks.

The key measure of how well your blood is flowing is called flow-mediated dilation, or FMD. It’s so sensitive that even a 1 percent dip in FMD will increase your heart risk by 12 percent.

And if you’ve got a few years of hard living in your past – or even in your present – that FMD is likely plunging.

But if you eat walnuts, you can turn it around!

The nutrients in walnuts are the street-sweepers, rushing through and cleaning up to keep everything moving along.

So, there you have it.

When it comes to snack time, pass on the popcorn and skip the chips. Go nuts instead – because along with getting a tasty anytime treat, you’ll also get something now PROVEN to protect you from heart problems.

And there’s nothing nuts about that!

Nuttin’ but walnuts,
Jack Harrison

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