Britain Surrenders To NWO Agenda – is America next?

UK moves to restrict freedom of movement; is America next?

First it was UN Agenda 21, the UN’s agenda for the 21st century, to concentrate population to a few urban centers and limit movement.

Then we got UN Agenda 2030, setting a date of 2030 for “sustainable” society.

Now it looks like the date may have slipped to 2040, but the plan is still being implemented.

2 responses to “Britain Surrenders To NWO Agenda – is America next?

  1. Of course America will be next. Just yesterday, I had written that the reason for the electric and driver-less cars are to keep the people in a small area because those cars aren’t capable (or willing) to go very far. Also, because those cars will be too expensive to purchase, few will have them..and that’s the reason for Obama’s Cash for Clunkers, all the new bike paths, (Obama’s stimulus bill paid for them and to give each family two bikes), and alternative transportation, streetcars,trains etc. (All this and more in the name of the N.W.O.)
    Before the global new world order can be accomplished,, it is imperative that America fall. The commie leftist politicians (both left and right) are working very hard in every way they can, to make that happen, but President Trump who loves our sovereign nation is too huge of an obstacle for them to do it. This is the reason for all the viciousness taking place against him, they desperately need to get rid of him.

    God had chosen Trump to be our leader, but if the people don’t wake up and come back to our Lord God and Savior, and fight against the evil ones with HIS help, there is no hope for us, He is our God of Hope.

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