15 Million Americans Would Opt Out of Obamacare If They Could

Two-thirds of Americans want Obamacare repealed

4 responses to “15 Million Americans Would Opt Out of Obamacare If They Could

  1. Count me; I want out.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Orwellian Chronicle and commented:

    Obamacare Needs To GO!

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  3. I want out also,

    but I’m not getting greased up by insurance companies, big pharma, and everyone else who gets richer every time I need a doctor.

    I don’t believe the two-thirds number. The one-third, are addled druggies, illegal immigrants, and people who don’t pay it anyway like federal employees and Congressmen.
    They’re addicted to the big government tit.

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    • I’ve been in the healthcare field for about 12 years, I can’t begin to explain all of the negative impacts Obamacare has had on the industry. I can tell you we had about 25 doctors retire from my institution in the first few years, also saw a large number of primary care practices shut down also.

      Gotta love the Feds only reimbursing 60 cents on the dollar too.

      Gotta love patients having to pay 2 to 3k out of pocket before their insurance kicks in too.

      This law is a complete mess. Not to mention the 300 billion obama stole from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack mortgage investor dividends to pay insurance companies subsidies in section 1402 of the bill, all while the insurance companies gouged everybody and raised their premiums and deductibles.
      Check this out. https://orwellianchronicle.net/2017/03/27/chief-thief-obama-raided-fanniefreddie-to-pay-insurance-subsidies-illegally/

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