This sleep apnea treatment could secretly hurt you!

It’s like dealing with a raging fire in your backyard by closing the window shades and ignoring it.

Sure, it’ll work for a little while… right up until your home goes up in flames!

The oxygen masks given to apnea patients are pretty much the same darn thing. Sure, they can force a little oxygen into your lungs while you’re sleeping, so you can ignore the fact that you literally can’t breathe on your own at night.

But will they REALLY fix the problem?


New research shows all they really do is cover it up, like pulling down that window shade – because while they WILL stop the oxygen lapses, they WON’T cut any of the actual health risks you should be worried about.

Apnea, of course, is a condition that makes you snore so loud you could wake the dead and then stop breathing so long that you could BECOME the dead.

Folks with this condition have a higher risk of heart attack… higher risk of dying from a heart problem… and even a higher risk of dying from anything at all.

Most docs figure that since the problem is a lack of oxygen, the solution is to treat patients like balloon animals and pump it in all night long. NOPE!

The new review of 10 studies comparing continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) oxygen masks to either no treatment or sham treatments finds the only thing that machine will do is annoy you and your spouse as it whirs and hums and wheezes all night long.

It’s the Triple Crown of failure:

1. It WON’T cut your risk of cardiovascular problems of any kind, including heart attack.
2. It WON’T cut your risk of dying from heart problems.
3. And it WON’T cut your risk of death from any other cause, either.


Some experts say it might be worth it anyway, since at the very least it can help folks sleep better.


I’d like to see them try to sleep with this thing on. From what I’ve heard from the people who’ve used it, it’s like trying to sleep in a hockey mask attached to an air compressor.

If you’ve got apnea, it’s time to pull open the shades and confront the raging fire that’s headed your way.

The breathing problems might be the scariest symptom, but they’re only a symptom. The only way to truly put out the blaze is to tackle the root cause – and, in most cases, apnea is caused by obesity.

So, lose weight.

You’ll start breathing easier almost immediately, even after losing just a few pounds. Keep losing weight, and you can control (and even cure) the apnea.

Want a little more motivation? I’ll have it tomorrow – keep an eye on your inbox!

Opening the shades,
Jack Harrison

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