How chemo can CAUSE new cancers

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 7/21/17

It’s one of the dirtiest “insider” secrets of mainstream cancer care.

EVERY oncologist knows this, but NONE of them will admit it.

Well, friend, the jig is up — because the latest science reveals the ugly truth about body-wrecking chemotherapy.

Not only can this treatment FAIL… it can do something much, much worse.

It can help the tumor to reappear in ANOTHER part of your body!

Now, of course, if it did this in an obvious way, anyone who offered this toxic treatment would be locked up.

But it’s not obvious.

It’s insidious — because, as the new study shows, chemo can cause cancer to spread and grow in ways you’ll never connect to the treatment.

Heck, as far as you’re concerned, it might even look like it’s working. You have your cancer treated, the tumor shrinks, and you go into remission. Maybe it even vanishes completely, or it gets handled with a mix of chemo and surgery.

Then, one day, months or years later, you get the shocking news: You have cancer in ANOTHER part of your body, and this one’s a stone-cold killer growing like a weed.

Bad luck?


The new study shows how it was caused by the very chemo that was supposed to save you.

In tests on 20 breast cancer patients, researchers found two common chemotherapy drugs can force open hidden “doorways” in your blood vessels called tumor microenvironments of metastasis.

These secret passages allow cancer cells to flee the tumor that’s under attack from the chemo and travel all over the body.

Experiments on mice confirmed it, showing that those same chemo drugs increased the number of cancer cells throughout the body, especially in the lungs.

The study even found that chemo drugs can activate a repair system in the body that the cancer cells can exploit to help them grow back stronger than ever!

The researchers behind this study say cancer patients who have chemo should get extra tests to make sure the disease isn’t spreading or hiding somewhere else.

Sounds to me like those tests might come too late for too many patients.

Here’s a better idea: SKIP the chemo!

Surveys show most docs would avoid this poison if they could — and so should you. Speak to a naturopathic physician experienced in cancer care to get ALL of your options before you make ANY decisions about treating your cancer.

You’d be surprised at how often you’ll have choices — including, in many cases, the choice to do nothing at all for slow-growing cancers that are unlikely to hurt you.

Cutting out the chemo,
Jack Harrison

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