Clinton Death Count +1?… Congressman: ‘Suicide’ “Awfully Suspicious”

Congressman: ‘Suicide’ of GOP Operative Who Tried to Obtain Hillary Emails is “Awfully Suspicious”

Peter Smith concluded there was no Russian interference in the election

Senior WSJ writer Shane Harris also tweeted last night that there were no signs Smith was about to commit suicide.

“When I spoke to Peter Smith I had no indication that he was ill or planning to take his own life,” remarked Harris.

Shane Harris @shaneharris

When I spoke to Peter Smith I had no indication that he was ill or planning to take his own life.

One of Smith’s former employees also said that he was getting treated for his heart condition at the Mayo Clinic, which suggests he was hopeful of recovering.

“It’s easy to understand why the death-by-suicide theory is not easily bought. Smith had a long history of exposing damaging information on leading candidates from the opposition. There was a time when he was tasked with digging up dirt on former President Bill Clinton,” reports the International Business Times.

However, the Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson pours cold water on the notion that Smith was murdered, remarking, “There is no public evidence to support that claim.”

Before his death, Smith claimed that he considered former Trump advisor Gen. Michael Flynn to be an ally. Independent of the Trump campaign, the Republican donor assembled a team in an effort to acquire thousands of Hillary’s deleted emails, believing that they related to official business and not private affairs as Clinton claimed.

Smith and his team told the WSJ that they found five teams of hackers, two of them Russian, that they believed had access to the stolen emails. Smith spent his last day in the hotel’s computer center printing documents, according to police reports.

In a blog post written the day before he was found dead, Smith asserted that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election, suggesting that whatever he learned from pursuing HIllary’s missing emails, it didn’t suggest a deliberate attempt by the Russian government to meddle in or “hack” the election.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

2 responses to “Clinton Death Count +1?… Congressman: ‘Suicide’ “Awfully Suspicious”

  1. williamjamesward

    Historians will write of the impossible stupidity and culpability of
    the Nations Justice Department concerning the Clintons association
    with numerous suicides. There has never been anything like it,
    it is impossible to explain away so many suicides of people who
    had one thing in common, they could tell on the Clintons criminal
    agenda. I pray for the day we do not have to hear any more
    about them unless it is to hear of their incarceration in outer space.

    Liked by 1 person

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