NYT Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia

Daily CallerJune 30, 2017


One response to “NYT – FAKE NEWS!!!

  1. Just because the terms “Trump’ and “Russia” are popular search terms, it does not mean we want to read any old crap they want to throw at us.
    That’s all they do is lie, and they think this draws viewers?
    Well not me.
    MSM sucks

    I heard that by putting Syria’s prepping to gas people into the world headlines, it may have deterred Syria.
    Never heard a peep in the MSM, did you?
    Hey I’m not sure if the targets of the gassing were good guys or not, but I understand drawing the line in the sand with regards to chemical weapons.
    Thanks to President Trump and Nikki Halley for saving a few innocent children.
    We still have to eliminate ISIS just do it a different way, like bringing them to Detroit.


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