UK news site: dying Mi5 agent admits to killing Princess Di

2 responses to “UK news site: dying Mi5 agent admits to killing Princess Di

  1. This makes perfect sense to those familiar with the English monarchy. Anyone involved in the monarchy or the line of king or queen was a mark for someone aspiring to power. All kinds of people were murdered in England’s history, both good and bad, if they were in the way of another’s quest for power. The royal family had to worry about being poisoned constantly, as well as did their enemies. Talk about violence. The amazing thing about Diana’s death is this doesn’t happen as often as it used to. There must be more civilized ways to protect the royal secrets these days.

    There is a comment after the story accusing the British monarchy of being Jewish and plotting to take over the world. Nothing in the discussion linked to the comment or the facts of history confirms this. In fact, British leaders prevented Jews who wanted to immigrate to Israel from entering. It hardly seems that a cabal intent on making an Israeli caliphate of the world would try to prevent Jews from living there. Kind of makes one wonder about how logical or intelligent conspiracy freaks tend to be. King Henry fought Rome hard to become head of the Anglican church. Hardly sounds Jewish – in fact, the monarchy was anti-Semitic in their history. Rumors of Jewish conspiracy in the British monarchy are just that – rumors. Though they’ve never been substantiated with proof, some people just won’t let those rumors die.

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    • Exactly, in fact I knew in the 90s, several historians who were Jewish and lived in the UK, they said exactly the same thing. One wrote a superb book, WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH WORLD CONSPIRACY AND THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION by Norman Cohn. He’s probably passed now as he was elderly when I called and asked to interview him on the book. We chatted a good deal and he was on two different programs. I really love his book, very well documented.


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