Message for Today’s Feminists

By Jim O’Neill

That this combination of sentimental victimhood, postcolonial relativism, and utopian overreaching has caused feminism to suffer so profound a loss of moral and political imagination that it cannot speak against the brutalization of Islamic women is an incalculable loss to women and to men.  The great contribution of Western feminism was to expand the definition of human dignity and freedom.  …Why shouldn’t feminists want to shout out their own profound discovery for the world to hear?

Perhaps, finally, because to do so would be to acknowledge the freedom they themselves enjoy, thanks to Western ideals and institutions. Not only would such an admission force them to give up their own simmering resentments; it would be bad for business.

Kay S. Hymowitz “Why Feminism is AWOL on Islam

Initially I began this article with the words, I have a message for today’s feminists: take a long walk off a short pier, but I thought to myself, “No, that is just rude, so I reworded it to impart a more refined and genteel tone, to wit:

I have a message for today’s feminists: dear feminists, please take a long walk off a short pier.

Much better.  In any event, until, and unless, today’s feminists stand up against the misogynistic practices of Islam then nothing they say carries any weight whatsoever.

They can screech as loud as they want about being oppressed by patriarchal Western culture, but their cowed silence and subservient attitude toward Muslim practices concerning women give their words all the profound gravitas of a birthday party helium balloon.  They’re a pathetic joke – a mean-spirited and humorless joke, but a joke nonetheless.

They proudly don their “pussy hats” when safely ensconced in Western culture, and then meekly (and proudly!) cover themselves with hijabs when visiting Muslim countries in order to show their respectful submission to misogynistic values.  They are such moronic two-faced hypocrites.

They are spineless brainwashed automatons of the Left – going where ordered, when ordered, behaving as ordered, while mouthing what they have been programed to repeat.  Dull-eyed cows dancing in lockstep to whatever tune the pied piper of globalism happens to be playing.  As I say, pathetic.

When a woman is groped, or raped by a Muslim “refugee” they (and their media and political acolytes) blame the woman and excuse the perpetrator, because Western culture is so patriarchal and racist, don’t you know – and who are we to think that Western culture is better than any other.  When countless young women in Great Britain are raped and groomed for the sex trade by Muslim men you hear nothing but crickets chirping from liberal feminists.  Silence – they don’t care.  It is left up to strong conservative women (and men) to fill the void and be a voice for the voiceless.

Being told what to do while being fed and protected has a definite allure for a certain type of woman – perhaps that is why today’s feminists are so attracted to Islam and silent about its misogynistic practices.  They simply wish to give up personal responsibility and lose themselves in some docile harem.  They love big government, so obviously they love being told what to do.  Big government, harem – same/same.

Although Islam gives any male the right to have up to four wives, in reality the sky’s the limit.  If you are wealthy enough, and can keep your brood mares well fed and housed, then have at itSisterly bliss, right feminists?

I could continue in this vein for some time of course, but enough.  Those feminists who are attracted to the misogynistic elements of Islam, or those who choose to remain willfully blind to them, will typically remain that way until something catastrophic occurs in their lives.  At this time, I will move on to feminism per se.

I have no problem at all with “old school” feminism – for example, the idea that women should receive equal pay for equal work, and that women can, and should, be granted “the freedom to craft identities that suit their individual temperaments, skills, and preferences.…”  My mother was a very loving, but strong woman, and I was raised to respect women unless they showed me reason not to.

I do not respect today’s feminists, because by their own words and actions they show me that they have no respect for themselves.  Arrogant posturing is not to be confused with a sense of healthy self-respect.  From what I have seen, most of today’s feminists combine a bloated ego with a low sense of self-worth, which makes for a toxic brew indeed.

Shouting and screaming about what helpless victims they are, and caterwauling like demented banshees about how it is all his fault (whoever “he” might be), while living in the most female-friendly societal construct this world has ever known, displays an attitude of such self-centered, ignorant, puerile ingratitude that it boggles the mind.

(It is interesting to note that according to “US News & World Report” Sweden tops the list of “Best Countries for Women.”  One wonders what it takes to be considered a bad country for women in their estimation, as Sweden is currently the “rape capital” of Europe due to the mass influx of Muslim “immigrants”).

As mentioned earlier, today’s feminists are dull-eyed cows being led by the nose wherever the various leftist propaganda venues lead them (to be fair, feminists also have a wild-eyed, mouth-frothing, frenzied mode as well).  And nothing will send them into a wild-eyed, mouth frothing frenzy quicker than a successful conservative woman.

You might think that feminists would applaud the chutzpah, the intelligence, the courage and undeniable accomplishments of Ivanka Trump – a cultural icon for all young girls to emulate, right?  Wrong.

Why?  Because of daddy.  To hell with what the woman has accomplished, it’s what her father does that counts.  Feminists rant about the injustices of a “patriarchal society,” while dismissing out of hand the accomplishments of a woman because she is “tainted” by her father’s words and deeds.  And they expect to be taken seriously?  Really?

Really.  Feminists automatically condemn any woman who dares to think and act outside of their rigid orthodoxy as persona non grata.  Unless you follow their belief-system and stay inside the feminist box they put you in, you will be shamed and shunned – treated as anathema and pilloried as an apostate.

I know they won’t listen – they are incapable of it.  But I will say it again anyway – dear feminists, take that walk off a short pier will ya?













2 responses to “Message for Today’s Feminists

  1. williamjamesward

    Fraud plays itself out in society where moral truth is outlawed, America
    has become the home of idiots that spend their time trying to outdo
    their own stupidity. It may be that feminists who reject the values of
    the generations that made America a good place to live and raise
    children that they be sent to school in Iran or Saudi Arabia for a year
    or two in order to get their heads screwed on properly………..William

    Liked by 1 person

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