Statement on Syrian Airstrike

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Last week, under the unanimous support of military advisors and allied nations, our Commander-in-Chief launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into one of Syria’s top military airbases. The Russians were notified 1 hour prior to the strike and the casualty toll was less than 10 people. The strike was intended as a slap on the wrist warning instead of a declaration of war. It was a retaliation of the confirmed reports that Assad used this airbase to launch chemical weapons upon innocent civilians. There is worldwide condemnation of the use of chemical weapons, but the missile strike has received a mix of criticism and praise.

A show of strength in this tactical fashion is President Trump’s way of telling the world that the US means business and to respect our authority as the leader of the free world. The empty threat of Obama’s red-line in Syria a few years back weakened…

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5 responses to “Statement on Syrian Airstrike

  1. Finally, a commentary that doesn’t encourage a circular firing squad around President Trump.
    There was a remark about Assad being such a tyrant, his presence radicalizes the populace of Syria.
    There is another story that Hillary shipped Libya’s chemical weapons to Syria.
    Some still ask whatever happened to Saddam’s stash which seemed to disappear.
    It’s a mess, and few of us get morning security briefings, so we do not anything except what the MSM tells us.

    Here in the U.S.A., for eight years we looked forward to the election and hopes of improvement.
    If we did not have that election to look forward to, or if someone other than Trump had won, I do believe there would be genuine radicalization here.
    (Not the phony Obama rent-a-mobs)

    President Trump will figure it out, expose the traitors, and TCB.

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  2. CZ, yes I would like to read that. I just can’t believe Assad intentionally used chemical weapons. As of now, he is the only leader in the middle east that actually tolerates other faiths, i.e. Christians. Assad gets blamed for being a ‘brutal dictator’ but name me one M.E. dictator that does not kill his own people on a whim. The MSM media’s constant barrage of trying to make a Trump – Russian connection in regards to the election (when we have now learned it was to cover up Obama and gangs wiretapping of Trump and company) has definitely hurt Trump and Putin getting together to discuss the M.E. and/or Syria.


    • He’s a devil in disguise, I cannot remember the article I read all about him, it was very long, but very good, really went into his whole background, I’ll try to find it again and post it.


  3. I don’t believe Syria is the only ME country that “tolerates” other faiths. Iran does as long as one pays the dhimmi tax. Egypt under Sisi tolerates their Coptic Christians, even though they can’t seem to get control of the anti-Christian terror groups. Don’t know about Yemen, UAE, and others. As far as the chemical weapons, I did finally read one report which claimed that eye witnesses saw Syrian planes dropping the bombs on the hospital. Assad is not a nice guy. If you’re the leader of a govt which has killed hundreds of thousands of citizens- including children – you are a genocidal killer. What difference does the particular weapon used make?


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