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Susan Rice Was Clearly Lying!

Body Language Expert: Susan Rice Was Clearly Lying When She Denied Obama Surveillance of Trump

Former national security adviser was deceptive throughout PBS appearance

According to a body language expert, Rice was clearly being deceptive when she claimed to have no knowledge of the surveillance.

An analysis of Rice’s PBS appearance reveals her to engage in ‘double-blinking’ after making the denial while remaining very still in her neck movements, both flagrant signs of lying.

Rice’s movements reveal her to be under “extreme stress” and “being extremely deceptive the entire time in this interview,” according to the expert.

Numerous other examples of double-blinking are seen throughout the interview. According to studies, liars don’t blink during the lie, but are seen to engage in a “flurry” of blinks after telling it.

According to the expert, the way Rice holds in her deep breath at the end of speaking is also another betrayal of the way she is putting herself under stress by lying.

The expert concludes by saying that Rice would make a “really good study for things deceptive people do to hide themselves.”

The mainstream media is currently engaged in damage control over the revelations surrounding Rice, with CNN desperate to play down the story in claiming that it is a distraction from their own hysterical obsession with Russia.


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