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Wikileaks: CIA Explored Car Hacking to Carry Out “Undetectable Assassinations”

Leak revives mystery behind strange death of Michael Hastings


If you’ve ever participated in competitive sports, you know the losers lament.  It was the umps, the refs, the other team cheated, it was deflated balls… . Never is there a look in the mirror to determine how bad you or your team actually sucked on a particular day or for the whole season.  There is a loser’s mindset also.  Its view in the mirror says I am so much better than everyone else, so much smarter, so much more talented, everyone loves me, and wants me to win, so it is very unlikely that I will ever lose unless they cheat.

There is also the bench warmer’s prayer.  If the game is tight and the battle tough, the benchwarmer prays, “Lord, please don’t let them hit the ball to me.”  Sort of reminds me of the Republican side of Congress.  A note to them, winners want the damn ball and they aim to deliver when they get it.  Otherwise they become tomorrow’s losers.

Ronald Reagan skunked Jimmah Carter.  It was a landside of epic proportions.  If you scan the news and polls, Reagan was not supposed to win – had no chance.  The media and pundits did not give him a chance and establishment Republicans didn’t want him either – many of them blamed him for Ford’s loss to Carter.  The third party candidate was blamed for the loss although analysis showed that had Carter picked up every vote, highly unlikely, he would have still lost by 100 Electoral College votes.  It wasn’t the third party.  It was a bad economy, double digit inflation, the Arab oil embargo, turn your thermostat down and wear sweater speeches, and poor handling of the Iran hostage crisis not to mention Jimmah and his crew ushering in a “moderate religious leader.”  Jimmah lost because he failed at being President – a leader.

Most memorable in recent times, Al Gore lost to George Bush.  When the Supreme Court ended the never ending Florida recount, Bush became in the eyes of the press and Democrats “selected not elected.”  Although recounts completed afterwards demonstrated even if every vote was recounted again Bush still won.  Still the meme of an illegitimate presidency spread far and wide through the media and hourly attacks across the liberal media were common – and it continued right up to the end. Bush never pushed back against the media.

Next up, Vietnam War hero John Kerry and his trusty sidekick John Edwards lost to Bush.  Kerry wanted to concede and Edwards wanted to do a Gore 2.0.  Bush lost this one because of the Swift Boat Veterans attack on the war hero.  Because it was clear that Bush was not a brilliant and sophisticated as John and John, he could not have possibly won unless the Swift Boaters exposed in their view his less than stellar service record.  So for the next four years, the implied label of illegitimacy still hung around the neck of President Bush – and the media cried endlessly about swift boating among other attacks resulting in his approval rate being in the toilet.

McCain and Romney lost to Obama and for a myriad of reasons including Bush’s low approval rating.  The bottom line however, is that they were poor candidates.  Truthfully, both were hold your nose votes for me and millions like me stayed home.

And now, present day.  Proven is the adage that no matter how much things change, they remain the same.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, oh my, what an election year it was.  This may sound familiar.  According to the media, the pundits, and the political consulting class Trump had no chance.  It was a foregone conclusion that Hillary would win.  Establishment Republicans also did not believe he could win nor did they want Trump.  Along came election night and Hillary along with all of those talking heads and establishment Republicans got a whuppin.  There was wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Panic across America.  Trump could not have possibly won the election.   It had nothing to do with the failed Clinton candidacy.  As we all now know, the Russians did it.

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Not mine.  I stopped having those years ago.  No, it’s the President learning how to play the Washington, complicit media, political hack game, and rope a dope.  He’s also proving he is decent body punching brawler.  He not only exposed the danger to freedom presented by powerful and misused intelligence agencies, but more importantly he exposed the willingness of some members of the American political class to use those powerful capabilities against American citizens – and against their own government.  These communists are more than willing to use police state tactics while calling everyone else a Nazi or communist collaborator.  This threatens the freedom of every American even the nitwits cheering on the Soros funded Obama led attempts to subvert the new administration.

Subversive: tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.

What’s happened really does require some thought.  We know that General Flynn’s telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador was monitored, transcribed, and released to the public.  Supposedly the monitoring was of the Russian which is perfectly fine.  But and it is a big but.  As I understand the law, conversations of American citizens in these cases are kept private and releasing the transcript in any manner is a felony.  Then we learn that Attorney General Sessions while performing his duties as a sitting Senator actually met with the Russian ambassador once at a function and once in his office.  In other words what Senators do every day.  We also know that because of his involvement with the Trump campaign, he recused himself from involvement in investigations of the campaign.

The picture then becomes clearer.  Those trying to undermine or subvert the Trump administration put forth the narrative of collusion with the Russians.   The FBI declared there is no evidence of this, yet the media and Obama surrogates continue to push the story.  A false narrative, drawing the conclusion of Trump campaign involvement with the Russians, is locked in.  The media and those wanting to undermine Trump set out to prove their pre-conceived conclusion, but they cannot produce even a scintilla of evidence supporting the claim.  So the political hacks and the media demand an “independent” investigation and a “special prosecutor.”   This is just perfect for them since Sessions is now recused from investigations involving the Trump campaign and the Senate has not confirmed the new Deputy Attorney General leaving an Obama appointee in charge of any such investigation.  In the catbird’s seat they were.

President Trump alleges that the Obama administration wire tapped Trump Tower prior to the election – searching for evidence to show Russian collusion – we know they were monitoring General Flynn.   Let’s add that if they found such evidence, impeachment proceedings would have already started.  Multiple newspaper accounts indicate the surveillance happened.  You just need to think on that for a bit.  A sitting President (and anyone who thinks he would have no knowledge of this is nuttier than squirrel turds) likely through his weaponized justice department requested FISA court orders to monitor communications of a presidential candidate from the opposing party.  In comparison, this makes Watergate look like the boy scouts. It should cause every American to pause.

Now, there is going to be another investigation into the wire tapping allegation.  Attorney General Sessions has not recused himself from any wire tapping investigations.

Obama and Hillary surrogates put forth a false narrative of Russian collusion, but had no evidence to support the allegation.  It appears that on a second attempt, the Obama Administration got a FISA court order to monitor communications of the Trump campaign treasure hunting for evidence to support the false narrative and apparently there is none.  Now a backfire has put the Obama gang and their media lapdogs on the defensive.

Round three should be exiting.

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X-Rated Article: Trans-America’s XX-XY and Title IX Crisis

by Rev. Austin Miles

BOISE 3/6/17–One cannot escape the transgender irruption spewing its lava everywhere even in the Hinder-lands, if Idaho can be considered such. It IS a conservative and family oriented state.

The March 3rd issue of the Meridian Press, an area weekly,  had a feature headlined: Support Gender Inclusive Facilities at Schools. That piece (command?) was written by Jennifer Gess, Ph.D., a professor for Walden University and has a private counseling practice in Boise. She consoles-makes feel better–transgender children, youth and families to let them know they are as normal as anybody else.  How’s that again?

She praises Obama for using Executive Orders to push Title IX, meaning that XX (females) and XY (males) can pee and shower with any X combination they wish. Babbling on, she scribbles that this order protected transgender students from bullying, discrimination and harassment in the bath rooms and locker rooms.  Well duh! They would have brought that upon themselves by entering an intimate facility where they do not belong.

Ms. Gess then proclaimed after the Title IX (bathroom) Bill passed; “The transgender students I work with, immediately felt acknowledged, validated and normalized knowing the Obama Administration supported their existence.” Yep, that’ll do it every time.

She also pounded her keyboard to push front and center that there were those who objected to this “right” to pee wherever they want with whomever they choose. One of those she blasted is President Donald Trump who reversed that order, bringing common sense into this issue which was in short supply during the last administration.

Professor Gess lectures schools in her state regarding the necessity of allowing any sex to pee with any sex. This, do doubt, gives a sense of togetherness. OK Fellas, pull up your skirts and aim carefully.

She scolded the schools in her state that do not want this guidance from her and criticized them for basing their prejudice on ‘pathologizing” (interesting new word) views of transgender individuals, meaning that built-in sex organs is of no significance to their identities. We suppose that knocks out Genesis once and for all.

This is why she spends so much time lecturing on bathroom inclusivity (another Gess word) to combat resistance to this pee-where-you-will-with whomever you will– whenever you will.  Before entering a bath room, straights must now ponder this specific situation;’To pee or not to pee.That is the question.’ 

That mean ole President Donald Trump had the insensitivity to reverse that Obama toilet bill. SHAME on him! “Don’t you know”, the professor bellows on, “that resistance to this social reconstruction of life affects the transgenders so much that additionally, many clients I work with experience urinary tract infections due to their fear of being harassed in the bathroom?”  Wow! We just learned something.

Dr.  Gess said that parents must be educated on this issue. Well, she certainly educated this writer with that statement. We never had any idea that not accepting men and boys in dresses entering girl’s bathrooms and showers, causes urinary tract infections. We learn something new every day.

The whole point of this professor and counselor is summed up by her suggesting “that schools put transgender advocates on a school panel to share their stories and ‘normalize the experience of transgender individuals.”  By this standard, it appears that the rest of us are abnormal.

Sometime ago, inmates escaped from the Insane Asylum. They were all rounded up and stood in line at the front of a desk. “What is your name?” the guard demanded of the first in line. “Napoleon” said the inmate. “And WHO gave you that name?” the irritated guard demanded.  “God did,” he answered defiantly. A voice boomed out from the middle of the line: “I DID NOT!”

It is a mental problem to think that you are someone other than who you are. There are those with delusional grandeur, believing that they are a rich and famous when they are anything but. For a parent to encourage their child in transgenderism is a form of child abuse, according to a long list of distinguished hospitals, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. To do so is to mentally impair them for life.

Transgender identity is listed in the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as “Gender Dysphoria.”  That means a mental health problem that should be treated. It is time to treat mental illness, not celebrate it. We must stop encouraging young people from taking on this false identity which many time is merely to bring attention to themselves.

Kids will do wild things to feel they have gained some significance. The Communist Fake News papers encourage all things LGBTQ and even top-level magazines such as National Geographic have added to this confusion by doing an entire front cover story celebrating a transgender little boy (for being ‘an individual’) which will encourage other kids to take that route since the attention gained is so great.  This IS child abuse.

Parents cannot and must not pamper their children in all of their ideas and conduct. If so you are shirking your duty as a parent. You are to GUIDE your children correctly until they are grown. If done properly and you do it responsibly, they will continue to come to you for advice as they grow older. Right now, parents, you are failing! Correction. You HAVE failed.

There is a crowd mentality which in itself gives strength to the feeble-minded. And look at the support for obscene language and behavior that has swept up a multitude of people including pastors who have been drawn in to support these causes that are so destructive.

Meanwhile, these “transgender” kids see movie stars pretending to be someone else, even royalty, and becoming wealthy doing so. The lives of these celebrities are all self-centered. Their pursuits of insatiable pleasure and immorality combined with their drinking and drugs in excess makes them mental wrecks.

They go on TV programs to discuss their sexual fetishes and use the “F” word constantly. The stars of today are not groomed, have no class, dress like bums with unwashed hair and don’t care how they look. And impressionable young people are watching them and, learning from them. Great examples for our young people.

Watching these ‘celebrities’  with envy are...the preachers who have compromised The Bible, preach sermons that merely tickle ears with pleasant messages about heaven automatically awaiting us…as long as we only believe with no other responsibilities to Jesus. And these same pastors, wanting to get into that limelight, write glowing reviews for films such as, Moonlight, a story about homosexuality.

One pastor writing for a Christian (?) magazine says this is a good film that allows us to walk in the shoes of another life so we can better understand what makes a person tick. He recommends that we all see the flick which displays passionate kisses between men prominent on the big screen. Yuk!

Next a Christian news service published a glowing review of the film abomination, The Shack which is blasphemous, brimming with New Age Religion elements where everybody goes to heaven. In this spin the film has a black woman as God. Swell. The church itself is to blame for the confusion and unrest in this world. They have turned their back on church teachings and have totally compromised the Bible. Meanwhile, the people, without real Christian leadership, have crashed and burned.

I remember years ago asking one young man if he planned to be a pastor. “Yea,” he answered, “that sounds like it would be a lot of fun.”  And that is the collection we have behind the pulpits today.

God has given specific rules to deal with your families.  Confusion rises when God’s Word is dumped to comply with worldly standards. Do not abdicate the sacred responsibility God has assigned to you. Do not agree with destructive ideas to gain ‘acceptance,’ or even love. If so that will all be short-lived.

Parents and Pastors: stand firm with the duty God has entrusted you with. You are not to agree to destructive conduct period. To do so makes you a contributor to somebody’s ruin. Tell the confused what GOD says in His Word about any situation they find themselves in. The answer to everything is right there, and it is the preacher’s job to proclaim that.

And by the way, sin weakens any and all who indulge in it. This is why the Communists are pushing for a blur of identity–erasing the lines between male and female. To fall for any of this, anything away from God, makes you vulnerable to being taken over by tyrants. Then it will be too late to say, “I wish I hadn’t done that.”

Final Note to Readers. The reference to transgenders above does NOT nclude those unfortunately born as hermaphrodites, having both male and female sex organs. That is a very painful issue to deal with and as a chaplain have personally witnessed that pain. See my story: Heart to Heart Talk with a Transgender.