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Compelling Evidence

Of course, they are specialists in double speak and psychological projection…what they have done and are doing, they accuse others of doing, so typical of this media and the Democratic Socialists let by Soros.

Th3 Platform

Everyone can acknowledge that Obama’s response to Trump’s wiretapping claim was a lawyer’s version of truth. It left the possibility open  that a wiretap was ordered by his Attorney General or the FBI. Come to find out, both of these possibilities are true. Mark Levin breaks it down while on Fox and friends here.

This shouldn’t be a surprise because we have seen past cases of authoritarian executive overreach by the Obama regime. The example that comes to mind is the IRS’ systematic targeting and harassment of conservative organizations.

In the Obama spokesperson statement, he said that no private US citizen has been under any wiretapping surveillance. Oh really? Obama instructed Eric Holder to wire tap Fox News reporter James Rosen. Holder also wiretap the Associated Press 20 times.

Should we really believe Obama and his administration officials when we know they not only gave a very vague rebuttal…

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Finding the real Obama — the Obama wiretapping edition

Not a fan of Levin at all, his anti-Trump stance and pro-Constitutional Convention prove to me what he’s really all about, but I think this is very apropos.

Politically Short

Evidence laid out by both Mark Levinand Bookwormroom make a compelling and obvious case against the Obama administration acting to undermine Donald Trump. This is a direct threat to our Republic & if the GOP cannot come together to launch an investigation against Obama then the GOP is officially dead. Not to say it isn’t already, but whatever remains of the GOP. As Bookwormroom notes, since leaving the White House, Obama has set himself up as a government-in-exile, and in opposition, using Fifth Columnists still within the government to destroy President Trump. The real Obama, not the media creation — needs to be exposed and discredited. The evidence points to the Obama administration wiretapping Trump and the best denial Obama’s friends can make is that Obama, personally, did nothing wrong. 

Read the rest of the information compiled here Finding the real Obama — the Obama wiretapping edition

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