Defund it.

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My Lord’s and my own anger are kindled against the organization known as Planned Parenthood (PP) which should really be called Escaping Parenthood. However, my basis for this post will not be centered on my religious views per say. This organization is not only unnecessary in today’s society, but also its motivations are sinister. They’ve always been sinister dating back to the founding of the PP. Margaret Sanger undeniably founded PP to exterminate black children. It’s a proven fact, but not talked about of course because of its undermining effect on the Leftist agenda. This is not to say that this is still the motto of PP now, but they certainly abort more black babies based on proportions in demographics to this day. They account for more than 30 percent of abortions while black people are only 12 percent of the population. 80 percent of PP clinics are near African…

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