Fast Food CEO on Anti-Trump Protesters: Don’t Show for Work, Get Fired

Illegals outing themselves as illegals by going to protests

Business owners have a responsibility to make sure that goods and services are delivered to customers, Rensi said.

“If you can’t make products, develop products and deliver products, what good are you?” he said.

“If these folks want to make a protest, they want to make a statement – great, I’m all for that, we have freedom of speech in this country, but if you don’t go to work, you get fired.”

“That’s the end of discussion.”

Business owners need to figure out a way to prevent these kind of disruptions that effect their bottom line, Rensi added.

“The left in this country is so unhinged, it’s unbelievable. What they are doing is stifling discovery, stopping debate,” he said. “I think it’s abhorrent, but business owners must have communication with their employees and make sure that they understand what their values and beliefs are.”

Over 100 protesters across the country were fired from their jobs after skipping work to participate in the “Day Without Immigrants” protest last week, reports NBC News.

The boycott, pushed by leftist organizers and businesses, was intended to send a message to President Trump that they oppose his immigration policies, as well as to advocate amnesty and cheap labor practices.

As we highlighted, this ‘social justice’ protest was likely to present an ethical dilemma to business owners and probably wouldn’t bear much political fruit in the long run.

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