Trump, Farage Plan Massive Charity Rally In UK, Breaking Parliamentary Blockade

President to bypass politicians, raise money for British vets instead

Farage, the architect of Brexit and former leader of populist party UKIP, answered Stuart Varney’s query about the potential of Trump bypassing the unwelcoming stiffs in Parliament altogether, and instead playing to a sell-out crowd at one of the UK’s largest arenas, such as Wembley or the national stadiums in Cardiff or Birmingham.

“Well, I’ve certainly been encouraging the idea,” answered Farage. “There is a precedent for this – the Indian prime minister, Mr. Modi, came and did this a couple of years ago.”

“It just seems to me that if the British political class are too stuck in the mud to want to listen to President Trump, well, I’ll you you what – there will be millions of ordinary people in Britain that will.”

“So I think Wembley Stadium, or a big one in Birmingham is a great idea.”

Varney noted that the capacity for Wembley is 100,000, and that Trump could very well pack the place.

The Daily Express reports that a source close to Trump has said the President and his team are hoping to arrange the event as a show of unity between the United States and Britain, and also to charge a small admission fee to be collected and donated to Royal British Legion.

“The idea that is being discussed is to hire a major stadium in Birmingham, Cardiff or even Wembley and to bring everyone together in a massive rally to celebrate the special relationship between the US and the UK,” said the source. “Trump is a huge supporter of the military so the plan would be to charge people £10 to attend with all the proceeds going to the Poppy appeal.”

“It would be a triple win. Trump loves rallies; it would be a win for the British public and a win for the Royal British Legion, of which the Queen is patron… The only person who gets screwed is the Speaker of the House of Commons.”

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has stated that he will attempt to block Trump addressing the Parliament, but the Express‘ reports, “The President has shrugged off the apparent snub and wants to ‘speak to the people, not politicians.’

Bercow and Parliament were warmly welcoming of Barack Obama during his visit in 2011.

Bercow’s poorly-calculated maneuver has cost him dearly, as speakers are expected to remain neutral in all partisan matters. Members of Parliament are pushing to deliver a vote of “no confidence” in Bercow, and the government has indicated that it will not intercede on his behalf.

Breitbart also reports that “over recent days, it has emerged that Bercow also backed Remain during the Brexit referendum last summer, while allegations have surfaced that Bercow accepted tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of donations from contacts of Keith Vaz, a Labour MP. Vaz was forced to step down from chairing the Home Affairs Select Committee due to a scandal over drugs and male prostitutes.”

There is no official date set for Trump’s visit to Britain, but it is expected to take place in late spring or early summer of 2017.

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  1. I love this. Lots of people here in England looking forward to his visit

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