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Globalists In Panic From LIVE Trump Press Conference

President Trump takes on establishment and delivers devastating victories

Trump Wrestling Control Of Global Economy From The New World Order


Is Twitter Censoring Positive Replies to Donald Trump’s Tweets?

Social network ensures only negative responses are seen


Roger Stone Slams Media on Today Show for ‘Recycling’ Russian Narrative

Trump insider denies contact with ‘the Russians,’ says FBI never even questioned him

Pressed on allegations appearing in The New York Times claiming he was being investigated by the FBI for possible Russian connections, Stone told Matt Lauer the claims were unequivocally false, adding the FBI never even reached out to him for questioning.

“Let’s make sure we get this on the record. Did you at any time as a representative of the Trump campaign, or after your time with the Trump campaign, have regular contact with Russian officials during the election?” Lauer asked.

“Categorically, positively not,” Stone responded.

“Even if it wasn’t someone who identified themselves as working with the Russian government? You’re sure there was no contact?” Lauer pressed.

“Absolutely not,” Stone replied.

Lauer went on to ask whether Stone thought it “weird” the timing of the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vow to retaliate – which never came to fruition following a call placed to a Russian ambassador by Gen. Michael Flynn in which he allegedly discussed sanctions.

“After that phone call there was no Russian retaliation for those sanctions. Does it smell bad to you?” Lauer questioned.

“Well not as bad as the fact that the same exact story that we have read ran almost word-for-word recycled in fact from January 20, the day Donald Trump was inaugurated – the same story with the same lack of proof.”

“Doesn’t this seem strange to you?” Hallie Jackson followed up.

“I think the Russians would like to have better relations with both Donald Trump and the US. We now understand Gen. Flynn committed no crime, but the exposure, the disclosure of the fact that he was monitored by the government, that is a crime.”

President Donald Trump also addressed the media’s Russian narrative in a Tweet Thursday saying the New York Times and fake news media were pushing the story because they were upset over losing the election.

Donald J. Trump


The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly (306), so they made up a story – RUSSIA. Fake news!

Stone went on to discuss the internal politics within the Trump administration, where White House aides have steadily been trickling out leaks to the media.

Stone reiterated to the Today Show his suspicion that Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus may be the chief leaker.

“We see a leak in the Washington Post that the president is ‘like a clueless child.’ That didn’t come from Steve Bannon or Kellyanne Conway or Steven Miller, that I assure you,” Stone stated.

Roger Stone Panicked Left Launching Civil War

Roger Stone: ‘The Biggest Fight Is Ahead Of Us’


President Trump’s Press Conference Today – 02/16/2017

Advance To One (1) Minute Mark.

Breaking! US Military Warns Of Martial Law Takeover Plan

Will military and law enforcement be tricked into turning against Trump?

The intelligence community, the mainstream media and the corrupt DC establishment are waging a coup against President Donald Trump attempting to sabotage the first days of his presidency.

Alex Jones explains the engineered takedown of society and ties it in with previous military training targeting the American people.


Roger Stone: Panicked Left Launching Civil War


Report: Muslim Sympathizers at CIA Behind Trump Leaks

Obama loyalists still at CIA fuel radical Islam

On March 21, two unnamed contract employees for the State Dept. and a third were disciplined for breaching Obama’s passport files. Two were found to be employees for Stanley, Inc., a security firm based in Arlington, Virginia, that was headed by former CIA agent John Brennan, who was then serving as an advisor on intelligence and foreign policy to Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign.

Brennan was an undergraduate at the American University in Cairo in the 1970s, where he studied Arabic.  In 1976, he voted in the presidential election for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall.  He speaks Arabic fluently, having served in the CIA as station chief in Saudi Arabia.

On Feb. 13, 2010, as President Obama’s chief counterterrorism advisor in the White House, Brennan hosted a public forum, co-hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the Islamic Center at New York University, where he quoted a lengthy statement in Arabic which he didn’t translate for his English-speaking audience.

Previously, in a speech Brennan delivered on Aug. 9, 2009, to a conference sponsored by Center for Strategic and International Studies, Brennan attempted to legitimatize the term “jihad,” arguing it signified an internal moral struggle of peaceful introspection, and not the advocacy of violent Islamic terrorism.

At this conference Brennan also tried to argue that Hezbollah was no longer an Islamic terrorist organization, arguing instead that it had “evolved,” such that Hezbollah now has “members of parliament in the cabinet; there are lawyers, doctors, and others who are part of the Hezbollah organization.”

In Egypt, Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood when the “Arab Spring” ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and elected Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohamed Morsi as president on June 30, 2012.

Under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt has since criminalized the Muslim Brotherhood and is determined to root out its members that gained positions of authority in parliament and government under Morsi.

Yet, even today, support for the Muslim Brotherhood remains strong in a CIA still dominated by Brennan loyalists.

On Feb. 8, Politico reported that Trump administration officials pushing to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization are being opposed by CIA analysts who claim it “may fuel extremism” and damage relations with America’s allies.

According to Politico, a CIA internal document, dated Jan. 31, boasts that “a minority of Muslim Brotherhood members have engaged in violence, most often in response to harsh regime repression, perceived foreign occupation, or civil conflicts.”

“MB [Muslim Brotherhood] groups enjoy widespread support across the Near East-North Africa region and many Arabs and Muslims worldwide would view an MB designation as an affront to their core religious and societal values,” the document continues, as reported by Politico. “Moreover, a US designation would probably weaken MB leaders’ arguments against violence and provide ISIS and al-Qaida additional grist for propaganda to win followers and support, particularly for attacks against US interests.”

Through a spokesman, Brennan declared he was “deeply saddened and angered at Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement” when Trump traveled to CIA headquarters and delivered a speech before the agency’s memorial to CIA officers deceased in the line of duty.

Departing his position at the CIA, Brennan criticized Trump’s approach to national security, suggesting Trump should not be “talking and tweeting” without understanding Russia’s threat to the United States.  Brennan also took “great umbrage” at Trump’s suggestion that intelligence agencies biased against him were behaving as if the U.S. were Nazi Germany.

“Now that he’s going to have an opportunity to do something for our national security as opposed to talking and tweeting,” Brennan told Fox News Sunday, on Jan. 15. “He’s going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that U.S. and national security interests are protected. I think he has to be mindful that he does not have a full appreciation and understanding of what the implications are of going down that road.”

Trump, Farage Plan Massive Charity Rally In UK, Breaking Parliamentary Blockade

President to bypass politicians, raise money for British vets instead

Farage, the architect of Brexit and former leader of populist party UKIP, answered Stuart Varney’s query about the potential of Trump bypassing the unwelcoming stiffs in Parliament altogether, and instead playing to a sell-out crowd at one of the UK’s largest arenas, such as Wembley or the national stadiums in Cardiff or Birmingham.

“Well, I’ve certainly been encouraging the idea,” answered Farage. “There is a precedent for this – the Indian prime minister, Mr. Modi, came and did this a couple of years ago.”

“It just seems to me that if the British political class are too stuck in the mud to want to listen to President Trump, well, I’ll you you what – there will be millions of ordinary people in Britain that will.”

“So I think Wembley Stadium, or a big one in Birmingham is a great idea.”

Varney noted that the capacity for Wembley is 100,000, and that Trump could very well pack the place.

The Daily Express reports that a source close to Trump has said the President and his team are hoping to arrange the event as a show of unity between the United States and Britain, and also to charge a small admission fee to be collected and donated to Royal British Legion.

“The idea that is being discussed is to hire a major stadium in Birmingham, Cardiff or even Wembley and to bring everyone together in a massive rally to celebrate the special relationship between the US and the UK,” said the source. “Trump is a huge supporter of the military so the plan would be to charge people £10 to attend with all the proceeds going to the Poppy appeal.”

“It would be a triple win. Trump loves rallies; it would be a win for the British public and a win for the Royal British Legion, of which the Queen is patron… The only person who gets screwed is the Speaker of the House of Commons.”

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has stated that he will attempt to block Trump addressing the Parliament, but the Express‘ reports, “The President has shrugged off the apparent snub and wants to ‘speak to the people, not politicians.’

Bercow and Parliament were warmly welcoming of Barack Obama during his visit in 2011.

Bercow’s poorly-calculated maneuver has cost him dearly, as speakers are expected to remain neutral in all partisan matters. Members of Parliament are pushing to deliver a vote of “no confidence” in Bercow, and the government has indicated that it will not intercede on his behalf.

Breitbart also reports that “over recent days, it has emerged that Bercow also backed Remain during the Brexit referendum last summer, while allegations have surfaced that Bercow accepted tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of donations from contacts of Keith Vaz, a Labour MP. Vaz was forced to step down from chairing the Home Affairs Select Committee due to a scandal over drugs and male prostitutes.”

There is no official date set for Trump’s visit to Britain, but it is expected to take place in late spring or early summer of 2017.

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Ex-CIA Agent Evan McMullin: Donald Trump is a “Domestic Enemy”

2016 presidential candidate sides with deep state coup

McMullin’s support for the deep state coup against Trump is to be expected given that he was a CIA operative for seven years between 2003-2010 for the National Clandestine Service.

McMullin went further during an appearance on CNN, remarking, “I’ll tell you what their concerns are. There concerns are that Donald Trump presents a threat to the country because of his — what they see as his relationship with Vladimir Putin and the relationship of his team to other Russian intelligence officers.”

The former investment banker then outright lied by asserting that Trump, “ran a campaign that was assisted by a foreign adversary — our greatest foreign adversary,” despite the fact that even the original New York Times report admitted that there was “no evidence” of the “Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.”

McMullin indicated that he was in contact with some of the intelligence agents responsible for the leaks, claiming that they were merely responding to “a security threat coming from the White House.”

As we reported yesterday, according to former NSA analyst John Schindler, elements of the intelligence community have gone “nuclear” against President Donald Trump and are now vowing “he will die in jail”.

Trump re-iterated his anger at politicized elements of the deep state this morning, tweeting, “Leaking, and even illegal classified leaking, has been a big problem in Washington for years. Failing @nytimes (and others) must apologize!”

Donald J. Trump


Leaking, and even illegal classified leaking, has been a big problem in Washington for years. Failing @nytimes (and others) must apologize!