Michael Flynn Resigns…

This is from the Conservative Tree House which I really don’t have a lot of use for regarding their tactics, but this is a factual expose of how Flynn was destroyed.  I have never liked or trusted Mike Pence, and I believe he is culpable in this.

If you go to Newswithviews.com today, you can read my article on why we needed to keep Flynn.  So now he’s gone, the sharks smell blood in the water, and we have to wonder who is next.

…. Well, here’s my take.


All I ever needed to know about this entire Michael Flynn Rubber Tire is abundantly evident in the following CNN paragraph(s):

CNN – The Justice Department warned the Trump administration last month that Michael Flynn misled administration officials regarding his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States and was potentially vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians, a person familiar with the matter told CNN

[…]  The message was delivered by then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Other top intelligence officials, including James Clapper and John Brennan, were in agreement the White House should be alerted about the concerns.

Which also explains why The Washington Post was the originating source of the ‘controversy’/’fiasco’.  As previously stated numerous times, The Washington Post is the official leak-outlet for the political arm of the CIA.  And the most politicized of all agents ever inside the CIA was John Brennan – a black hat extraordinaire.

So, swamp reviewers can begin to see how this Rubber Tire was constructed.



The political agents within the “intelligence community”, ie. the Big Black Hats, took the position that General Michael Flynn must have lied to Vice President Pence because their interpretation of the phone call they intercepted was that Flynn did give some form (context and actual communication unknown) of forward assurance to the Russian emissary that a Trump administration would not approach the Russian Sanction issue (which, we should remember, is based on a non-existent vast Russian election hacking conspiracy) the same way as the Obama administration.

To wit, the pre-inaugural Trump intelligence community, politically motivated as they were, alerted President-elect Trump (through Sally Yates) that their opinion (baseline that Flynn lied) was such that Flynn had now opened himself up for blackmail from the Russians.

A convenient, albeit typical and transparently political, divide and conquer strategy that holds all the fingerprints of chief schemer and manipulator John Brennan.

Whereas John Brennan constructs a false dichotomy, a useful parsel-tongue narrative, to put a wedge between President-elect Trump, Vice-President-elect Pence, and NSA Director Flynn, when/if it becomes most politically useful to deploy.

As in, when they become President Trump and Vice-President Pence.

The space between the FBI (who reviewed transcript and said no structural communication content seemed to be a ‘Logan issue’), and what the CIA can construct (their opinion is, Logan issue or not, Flynn’s a fibber), is the useful space where leaked differences of opinion to the media can create the controversy.

The black hats within intel (Hired by the Bigger Hats) then take lead from the Big exiting Black Hats and tell President Trump as long as their exiting intel position is that Flynn has misconstrued the conversation, well, they can no longer brief the President about sensitive matters of national security because there’s a compromise (Flynn) within the room.

Rightly or wrongly, the remaining intel can hide behind the former parsel-tongue policy interpretations and refuse to support the Trump admin.

Sorry, that’s our policy *Quack*!

Regardless of whether VP Pence or POTUS Trump accept that Flynn misled, so long as intel quackers have plausible deniability to sell their belief he did there will always be an ongoing issue.

Within the context of Potus and VPotus accepting these same quacking voices will continue leaking to their official outlet, The Washington Post, about the ongoing internal dynamics of the schism within the intel briefing disagreement standard, there is no upside to continue fighting on Flynn’s behalf.

An unknown variable when Rubber Tires like this are constructed, is the expressed opinion/relationship of the words from Pence.    Pence’s opinion of whether or not he was lied to, or even the truth behind what conversation he and Flynn may have had, becomes moot.

It’s ridiculous, however it’s also simply how political forces in the swamp keep the boil of controversy going regardless of the substance of the content behind it.    Like Brennan implied, you don’t want those CIA folks to have a chip on their black-hatted shoulders because they can leak, and you cannot rebuke the leak without breaking the law and discussing classified information / briefings.

It becomes a “he said, and You can’t say“; a one-way conversation with the insufferable media more than gleeful to sell an undermining narrative.

DC Tire Boils are always fubar.


The piranha’s are biting a fake news rubber tire that has been dipped into the boil; and the swamp defenders who are holding the rope are intent on convincing the viewing audience it’s really a side of beef.

Wait for the boil to subside, and if you stick around long after the audience moves on, you’ll see a rubber tire removed.

Deep State is always beneath the surface.

Look below the surfacebrennan-duping-delight

4 responses to “Michael Flynn Resigns…

  1. The complexity of deception and hidden agendas as it is sprinkled with truth is mind boggling. To determine truth is a monumental task, at least in the political world, fallen humanity, prophetic sense. Did anyone view Bradlee Dean’s “False flag” NWV’s exposee today?

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    • Bill, I’m going to go after him about Pence, there’s a list a mile long on him, but I have to do it in a way as to where I’m asking my readers, but truly, I have never liked the weasel, and I think he’s scum and dangerous. He’s too close to all the old establishment globalist guard, and that is big time troubling. Does he want war with Russia, I’d bet he does


  2. I don’t read Dean, but there’s far more to this than people know and the core is, I believe, Pence who is way too chummy with the leftists in the Republican party.

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    • I hear you about Pence. His selection by Trump reminds me of whatever the politics might have been behind Reagan’s selection of Bush Sr.—probably more deception. The title of “Christian” is getting more and more meaningless by the day, as I think about Pence. But then again, who knows anything we see and hear, apart from God’s Word, for sure.

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