Media Lose Minds Over Real News Questions at Trump-Trudeau Press Conference

The media luminaries have gone crazy

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  1. I heard they were succumbing to Sharia in Canada.
    To whatever extent this is true(e.g. local family court; City of Toronto?); that’s not good. That’s BAD.

    The Flynn thing is an Obama/ Brennan distortion fabrication. We have to jettison that bunch immediately. They are spies for the Left and their mission is to undermine President Trump and We The People.
    Once outsode the Administration, maybe Flynn will cut loose and levewl the playing field with the Leftwing Liars

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  2. Something doesn’t make sense. The liberals are leftists, and the Russians are leftists, so how did “the Russians” become enemy #1 of the left!!? Is this their bogeyman? Since when did the conservative right team up with Putin?


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