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Northern Hemisphere Potentially In Great Danger As Fukushima Radiation Spikes To ‘Unimaginable’ Levels

Because so much nuclear material from Fukushima escaped into the Pacific Ocean, there are many scientists that believe that it was the worst environmental disaster in human history

REFUGEES SELF-DEPORT – Worried about Trump, asylum seekers walk cold road to Canada

Worried about Trump, asylum seekers walk cold road to Canada

By Rod Nickel and Anna Mehler Paperny
ReutersFebruary 06, 2017

By Rod Nickel and Anna Mehler Paperny

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/BUFFALO, New York (Reuters) – Refugees in the United States fearing a worsening climate of xenophobia in the wake of a divisive U.S. presidential campaign are flocking to Canada in growing numbers.

Manitoba’s Welcome Place refugee agency helped 91 claimants between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25 – more than the agency normally sees in a year. Most braved the freezing prairie winter to walk into Canada.

“We haven’t had something before like this,” said Maggie Yeboah, president of the Ghanaian Union of Manitoba, which has helped refugees get medical attention and housing. “We don’t know what to do.”

A temporary restraining order by a U.S. judge of President Donald Trump’s executive order that blocked nationwide the implementation of key parts of the travel ban has provided a reprieve for refugees trying to come to the United States.

But Canadian advocacy organizations are bracing for a greater influx of asylum-seekers, driven in part by the contrast between the ruling Liberal government’s acceptance of Syrian refugees in Canada with Trump’s anti-foreigner rhetoric.

“They will make a dash for Canada, whether they are going to go through cold weather to die or not,” said Abdikheir Ahmed, a Somali immigrant in Manitoba’s capital Winnipeg who helps refugees make claims.

Since late summer, 27 men from Ghana walked to Manitoba from the United States, Yeboah said. Two lost all their fingers to frostbite in December and nearly froze to death.

More than 7,000 refugee applicants entered Canada in 2016 through land ports of entry from the United States, up 63 percent from the previous year, according to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Over 2,000 more entered “irregularly” during a similar time period, without official authorization, such as across unmonitored fields.

Four hundred and thirty asylum seekers crossed Manitoba’s border irregularly in the first nine months of 2016-17, up from 340 the entire previous year, CBSA said.

“The U.S. presidential campaign, putting undocumented immigrants and refugees in the spotlight, terrified them,” said Ghezae Hagos, counselor at Welcome Place. “The election and inauguration of Mr. Trump appears to be the final reason for those who came mostly last month.”

In Quebec, 1,280 refugee claimants irregularly entered between April 2016 and January 2017, triple the previous year’s total.

In British Columbia and Yukon, 652 people entered Canada irregularly in 2016, more than double the previous year.

More of these people would enter at border crossings, advocates say, if Canada didn’t have a policy of turning many of them away when they do. The 2004 Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement requires people to apply for asylum in the first of the two countries they arrive in. Advocates argue the agreement inadvertently encourages people to dangerously sneak into Canada and make a claim rather than be rebuffed at the border.

If the government doesn’t abandon this agreement, they say, it could find itself in court.

The number of refugee applicants crossing the land border under exceptions to the Safe Third Country Agreement has risen by 16 percent in the first nine months of 2016 compared to the same time period the year before.

In Buffalo, New York, hundreds of people are streaming through Vive, a shelter that helps refugee applicants to Canada.

Vive’s client numbers, including long-time U.S. residents and refugees, spiked last summer and have stayed consistently high since – two or three times what they’d normally see a year or two ago. Vive’s Canadian service manager Mariah Walker expects to see even more.

“Clients are definitely spooked by (Trump’s) executive orders,” said Walker.


Prime Minister Trudeau took office in 2015 on a commitment to admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

“While the majority of the world is turning their backs and building walls, the fact that Trudeau took this bold humanitarian goal put [Canada] on the map,” said Chris Friesen, director of settlement services at Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia.

But this year, Canada plans to take only 7,500 government-assisted refugees – less than half last year’s number. People eager to sponsor refugees find themselves waiting years to do so.


Anisa Hussein, 20, and Lyaan Mohammed, 19, hired a smuggler to take them from Somalia to Minneapolis in August, where they planned to settle in a large Somali community. But Trump’s anti-refugee rhetoric frightened them into traveling to Manitoba days later.

“(Trump) said he would turn away the refugees and we would go back to Somalia,” said Mohammed, peeking timidly from behind the hood of a thick parka she received in Canada for winter. “We were so scared. We just wanted to be [in] a safe place.”

They rode a bus and taxi to North Dakota, then walked for hours into Emerson, Manitoba and filed refugee claims.

They might have been able to cross at a port of entry if Canada’s policies were different, says Canadian Council for Refugees executive director Janet Dench.

Her organization, as well as Amnesty International and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, are demanding Canada abandon the Safe Third Country Agreement: Trump’s United States is no safe haven, they argue.

The government is standing by the agreement, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the House of Commons last week.

If the government doesn’t act, Dench said, her group will sue.

“We are talking about people’s charter rights. … So, yes, we would expect to see something in the courts.”

For a graphic on Csnadian refugee claims, click http://tmsnrt.rs/2keMDuH

(Additional writing by Andrea Hopkins; additional reporting by Nicole Mordant in Vancouver, editing by Edward Tobin)


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BREAKING: Hollywood Reporter VERIFIES that PETA Video A FAKE!

by Rev. Austin Miles


HOLLYWOOD 2/6/17–PETA, a furry version of the Mafia Protection Racket has been exposed in Today’s Hollywood Reporter as absolutely FAKING a video purportedly showing a German Shepard being mistreated while filming the movie, A Dog’s Purpose. 

There are two different stories in today’s edition with the truth which can be found at this link:

Today’s story says it all with this statement from the American Humane Society and a third-party:  “American Humane said Friday that an independent animal-cruelty expert concluded that preventative safety measures were in place. The group also said that the leaked video was deliberately edited to mislead the public.”

Catch that? “Deliberately edited to mislead the public.” So it is now in the open that this was all a lie in order to profit PETA. Their tactics did damage ticket sales which in turn deprived audiences from seeing a beautiful family movie. All for selfish ill-gained profit.

The original attack by PETA came as a featured national news story with photo, headlined that a ‘terrified German Shepherd was thrown into rapids for a film,’ which infuriated the public. That hoax story made it appear that the dog was thrown off a bridge. That scene for the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, took place in artificial rapids in a water tank constructed on the movie lot.

See the original story I wrote about this PETA deception which is fully detailed and leaves no questions.  Link

TO THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Since you first reported on this in a featured story, this follow-up should be also a featured story, rather than buried in the other news scattered on the site.

TO THE PUBLIC: PETA wrecked the planned Premier of the film which had to be cancelled, taking away from the thrust of the opening day, delaying it for two weeks, then simply opening without fanfare.

Let us make a new Premier this weekend of Feb. 10-12 and make this a family event.

This writer is incensed at that snowflake pansy organization not only because of their dishonesty and lies for profit, but they take in a lot of money that should go to actual animal protection agencies.

To The News Media, including Hollywood Reporter. Stop this nonsense of referring to ‘controversial’ film due to LEAKED video, which makes it appear like they secretly filmed something of importance. Now hear this: That video was NOT LEAKED. That video combined with other videos was PRODUCED, EDITED and widely distributed TO MAKE IT APPEAR THE DOG WAS TERRIFIED AND IN DANGER. 

Again, this was all lies, deception, misinformation, and a shakedown by a totally corrupt organization that falsely claims to protect animals in order to enrich themselves.

To The Movie Going Public: Have a movie date with your entire family and make this coming weekend a banner weekend for the most meaningful film you will ever see.


Video – Immigration By The Numbers. Don’t miss this one!

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The Trumpmobile

URGENT: Spot the warning signs of this deadly new risk

* Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from the Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 2/6/17

Diabetes is like a wrecking ball aimed at your entire body… but there’s no part of your insides that gets slammed quite like your poor pancreas.

It’s ground zero for the disease, as it struggles to pump out insulin.

Eventually, you can practically see the smoke coming out of the pancreas as the beta cells just plain burn out.

Now, the latest research shows how that’s only the beginning of your troubles… because if you have diabetes, you could end up with something far worse than a worn-out pancreas.

You could be in the express lane for pancreatic cancer!

You don’t want the “C” word in any part of your body, if you can help it.

But you REALLY don’t want it THERE – because pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease.

The moment you get diabetes, your risk of pancreatic cancer jumps.

In fact, 50 PERCENT of all pancreatic cancer patients were diagnosed with diabetes roughly six months earlier.

It’s as if the diabetes is the first warning sign!

Over the first three months with diabetes, your risk of pancreatic cancer more than triples. Between three and six months, it more than doubles.

The risk starts to tail off after about a year, but even then, it’s still 70 percent higher.

Now, not all that risk is coming from the diabetes itself.

One of the true causes is those new meds the doc will switch you to when your diabetes gets worse. Some of them have been linked REPEATEDLY to pancreatic cancer.

In fact, your pancreatic cancer risk jumps by SEVEN TIMES if your doc puts you on more powerful meds.

Some docs will even start you out on those drugs – and it turns out all that risk’s for nothing, since many of these new meds are actually NO BETTER than plain old metformin in many cases.

That stuff’s certainly no picnic, but it’s a whole lot safer… and might even CUT the risk of pancreatic cancer!

But why stay on metformin if you don’t have to? Switch to a back-to-basics low-carb diet, and you could work with your doc on a plan to cut and even ELIMINATE all your meds.

Of course, it’s not just the meds alone at work here.

The disease itself could be tearing your poor pancreas apart – and even if you don’t end up with cancer, you could end up with other pancreas problems.

The lesson? If you develop diabetes suddenly or the disease starts getting worse, get yourself checked out – because pancreatic cancer’s no joke.

It’s a killer disease, but if you can get it caught and treated ASAP you have a shot at beating it.

Protecting your pancreas,
Jack Harrison