Sanctuary Sheriff Faces Removal From Office For Aiding Criminal Illegals

Sheriff Hernandez blocking feds from rounding up felon illegals

“As local law enforcement officers, we will not interrogate or arrest someone over an unrelated federal immigration matter if they are trying to report a crime,” she said.

Hernandez is contending that state law enforcement cannot constitutionally be drafted into service by federal agencies, which is true – but it appears to be a straw man argument.

Judging by the letter, Abbott seems more interested in allowing ICE to remove illegals from the streets who were already arrested by Texas officials for committing – not simply reporting – serious crimes.

“For one, these sheriff offices receive grants from the governor’s office and we’re cutting off those grants to any sanctuary city in the State of Texas,” he said on Fox & Friends. “But, however, we are in a legislative session and we’re working on laws that will #1 ban sanctuary cities and #2 remove from office any office holder who promotes sanctuary cities while also imposing criminal penalties as well as financial penalties.”

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2 responses to “Sanctuary Sheriff Faces Removal From Office For Aiding Criminal Illegals

  1. Hoping she is fired soon. Law enforcement MUST follow our laws, or lose their jobs permanently!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. williamjamesward

    No kid gloves with those who hurt America by not doing
    their jobs to protect the Nation and it’s citizens.


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